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Front Row: Lotto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiaza, John Forssi, ___?

Center Row: Matti Saruela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, ___?

Back Row: Sam Ruotsala, Hugo Kajander, ___?, Mikko Hilpakka,…

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Variously referred to as the "Finnish National Band" and the "1st Temperance Society Band"

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Front Row: Pekka Pekkala, Hugo Kajander, Matti Sarvela, Matti Hekkala, ___?, ___?, Erick Huikari, John Forssi

Center Row: Oskari Saari, __Hilden,…

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Front : Jim Lucchesi, John Ojalehto
2nd: Frithioff Tofferi, Jesse Sikila, Ivar Sjoblom, William Lehto, William Sjublois, Victor Hotakainen, Oskar Tofferi, Oskar Ahola, Katti Ruska, Toivo Frigard, Hjalkar Saarinen, William Kickola,

Picture taken in the then Finnish Temperance Hall.
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Outer Circle: Pikka Pikkala, Sam Mantirri, Oscar Kauppi, Antti Kangas, Edward Hintsa, Ilmar Junno
Inner Circle: Conductor Hugo Kajander, Weeti Toival, Lauri Pekkala, Antti Heiskari, Sakari…

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Four photos of the Maynard National Band.
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Front, seated: __Weeti, ___Taival, Reino Keto, Ilmar Johnson, ___?, Uuno Holt, Fiped Laurila, Henry Grandell, Toivo Keto

Back, standing: Antti Heiskari, Appo Visuri, Otto Nevala, William Manty,…

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1923 photograph of the Imatra Band playing at the Voses Pavilion.

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Front Row (14): Frithiof Tofferi, Hugo Torppa, Helge Saari, Aarne Autio, Bill Mikkola, Waino Maki, Matti Autio, __Saarinen, __Poikonen, Eino Kauppi, Aimo Kangas, Alex…

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l to r: George Lawton, Herbert Lawton, Jack Veitch.
The orchestra or sometimes referred as the LVL Trio was organized around 1900 and was under the direction of George Lawton. Herbert Lawton was a pianist.

Some of their appearances as gleemed…

Made up of Maynard, Acton, and Concord men for Memorial Day. Picture taken in front of the Methodist Church on the corner of Summer and Main Streets.

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Front: William Jones, Ernest Wollerscheid, Thomas Wright, Silas Sawyer, John…

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This is perhaps the first Maynard Brass Band.
Back Row: l to r ___?, William Jones, William Stuart, Silas Sawyer, ___?, __Tuttle, the others unidentified

Front: 1st cadet on left, William Naylor; 2nd from right, Theodore Wollerscheid

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This Maynard group marched in a parade in Boston honoring the troops returning from the Spanish American War of 1898.

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Front: Tom (Mike) Crowley, Mike Goff, Albert Smith, George Smith, Charles Smith, Fred Axford

Center: Charles Usher,…

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Waino Kauppi is in center holding a trumpet.

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Waino Kauppi is seated at the far right in the front row The boy with the short pants (knickerbockers).

The second photo is the backside with some identifications.

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Maynard Community Band, Memorial Day, 1978.
Alex DeGrappa, center waving, Ed Brennan with the tuba, Robert Pinolehto on the left.

Tickets for the United Concert Band at the High-School Auditorium, Nov. 27, 1929

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6 photos of the parade
Some of the names written on the photos are: Bain, Keough, Wright, Hanson, Spratt, Baron, Dineen, Stockwell

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Front: Oskar Saari, ___?, Frithioff Tofferi, ___?, Matti Heinonen, Peter Peterson, Charles Williams, Matti Kangas
Second: Henry Kaskiniemi, Victor Simila, ___?, Fred Amnel, Kirko Hiipakko, Paavo Suorsa
Third: John Forssi, Nestori Asiala,…

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The band is on the steps of one of the boarding houses on Main Street.

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