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Welcome to the online archives of the Maynard Historical Society in Maynard, Massachusetts. Our online archive represents a fraction of the documents, photographs, artifacts and memorabilia that the Society has in storage and we are continuously working to catalog and make our collection available here for all to enjoy. Please read the "About" page for additional information on this project or the "Tips" page for ways to find and discover historical information.

Recently Added Items

Frank Sanderson's Scrap Book


The scrapbook is an eclectic collection of newspaper articles, brochures, invitations, magazine clippings, programs etc... that Frank Sanderson put…

Alfred Torppa's Passport


"The peasant Alfred Heikki's son Torppa , b. March 4, 1880 in Veteli, and his wife, Maria Amalia Gustaf's daughter, b. October 15, 1879 and their two…

Maynard Dramatic Club


The Maynard Dramatic Club began in November 1936 and continued through November 1983. The Club's Minutes from 1958 through 1983, with some gaps, are…

Digital's 25th Anniversary - 1983


A poster by the Maynard Chamber of Commerce which congratulates Digital Equipment Corporation on its 25th Anniversary.

Hyden Immigration Document


This is an official document #529 in 1913 for emigration purposes from Saarijavi Church (Finland) stating that Onni Emil Taavi's son Hyden from the…

Digital Equipment Corporation Building


A black and white photo of the front entrance to the Digital Building on Main Street, Maynard, MA.

DEC PDP-4 Computer


A black and white photo of DEC's PDP-4 computer. Digital's PDP computer line was designed with the goals of interactivity, low cost, simplicity, and…

DEC PDP-5 Computer


A black and white photo of DEC's PDP-5 computer. This computer's capacity and speed exceeded those of other computers available at the time, yet its…

DEC PDP-1 Computer - 1959


A black and white photo of the PDP-1 Computer. Digital demonstrated its prototype PDP-1 computer at the 1959 Joint Computer Conference in Boston, MA.…

DEC Memory Tester 1516


A black and white photo of DEC Memory Tester 1516. The first systems Digital made were memory test systems to check the core stacks that were the…

Memory Test Systems 1521


The test equipment business was considered by Digital to be a stepping stone to eventually building general-purpose computer products, since they…

Memory Core Tester 2113


Two black and white photos of Memory Core Tester 2113.

Spark Chamber Scanning System 2319


Two black and white photos of the Spark Chamber Scanning System 2319.

Logic Modules - 1957


Digital's first products were logic models enclosed in an extruded aluminum wave guide. The circuits were negative-logic build with surface-barrier…

Assabet Village Minuteman - 1975


A color photo of the Assabet Minutemen marching to Maynard High School on Tiger Drive. Bill Boothroyd is leading the parade.

File Folder for Digital Equipment Corporation

A collection of Digital Equipment Corporation documents including but not limited to the following subjects: Ken Olsen, DEC World, Manuals, Bumper…

Presentation on the Finnish Temperance Society: Alku


Slides from Roy Helander's 2008 presentation to the Maynard Historical Society on Alku, the Finnish Temperance Society.

Harry S. Mann - 1968


A black and white paper copy of a memorial photo of Harry S. Mann (1917-1968), Vice President of Digital Equipment Corp., 1965-1968.

DEC Family Tree


A map of the origin and development of Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957 through 1986. The DEC Tree is an article that was published in the…