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Welcome to the online archives of the Maynard Historical Society in Maynard, Massachusetts. Our online archive represents a fraction of the documents, photographs, artifacts and memorabilia that the Society has in storage and we are continuously working to catalog and make our collection available here for all to enjoy. Please read the "About" page for additional information on this project or the "Tips" page for ways to find and discover historical information.

Recently Added Items

Ink Blotter Frank J. McCarron, Ins. Agent


An ink blotter promoting Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, local agent Frank J. McCarron.

Publicity photograph of the Spark Chamber Scanning System 2319


Used in physics laboratories the Spark Chamber Scanning System used television cameras to record the location of cosmic ray events within the spark…

Publicity photo of PDP-5 computer


DEC's first 12-bit computer which introduced the instruction set that would later be expanded in the PDP-8. The PDP-5 had a memory capacity of 1,024…

PDP-4 Computer


The PDP-4 was 18-bit machine intended to be a slower, cheaper alternative to the PDP-1; it was not considered commercially successful. All later…

Early Digital Laboratory Modules


Circa 1960, Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) first products were a range of packaged logic circuit known as Digital Laboratory Modules. Built…

Digital Main Street Entrance


Digital Equipment Corporation Main Street entrance during winter.

Memory Test Computer 1516


Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 1516 core memory tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the…

Testing core memory


This appears to be a photo of technicians testing a core memory module with a Digital Equipment Corporation memory tester.

Digital PDP-1 computer


Publicity photo of an early model of a Digital PDP-1 (Programmable Data Processor) computer. On table is a CRT display, control panel and paper tape…

Memory Tester 1521


Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 1521 core memory tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the…

Memory Core Tester 2113


Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 2113 Core Memory Tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the…

Digital employees


Two female employees discussing work in a Mill office. DECwriter and acoustic coupler in foreground.

Building 1 Illuminated


A prize-winning entry in Digital's Photo Contest, taken with Pentax camera (2 second exposure at f/5.6)

Engineers using LINC-8 computer


A group of 4 male engineers(?) pose with LINC-8 computer (left) and ASR-33 teletype (right)

Ken Olsen donates blood


Digital President Ken Olsen reads documents while giving blood.

Ken Olsen


Kenneth Olsen, President of Digital Equipment Corporation, gives social security number to be typed by Duane Mulcahy (?)

Students learning about PDP-8


Instructor Ed Hilton teaching students with the PDP-8/S (ASR-33 teletype next to student on right).

Ken Olsen presents 1000th PDP-8


Digital President Ken Olsen presents the 1000th PDP-8 computer to Teradyne President Nick DeWolf.

Students learn about computers


Instructor Ed Hilton teaches basic computer technology on PDP-8 computer to Maynard students.

Digital VP Win Hindle awards check


Win Hindle is handing a check to unknown man. They are standing in front of a PDP-10.