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Three ledgers that record the number, source, condition and types of bales of wool received by the mill.

This many paged ledger has but one page of entries, shown. Its not clear what group of employees earnings are recorded. Note on bottom right the page was audited by Geo. R. Lawton.

This is likely 5 Maple St. with 7 Maple St. to the left.

The second photo has a note pointing out the Music Hall (or the Rink) on Main Street. The woolen mill smoke stack is seen upstream of the Assabet River.

A card with the Maynard Country Club logo.

Two color photos of Maynard Country Club golfers who won championships.

Photo #1: Tom Clancy, Chris Disilva, Mark Donahue, Ace Moura. 2007 Yale Scratch Cup Champions.

Photo #2: Unidentified golfers. 2007 Leftover Turkey Open Champions.

A color photo of the Boys and Girls Club of Assabet Valley at the Maynard Country Club's 1st Annual Kids Golf Tournament.

Participants included: Nick Moretti, Katie Sluyski, Dan Lamoureux, Erin Bradley, Maggie Jones, Kerry Sluyski, Joey Mitchell,…

A black and white photo of five individual golfers who won championships in 1946.

Center: #1 Vic Milewski - Club Champ
Top (l-r): #2 Bernie Tobin- Runner-up
#3 Frank Croft- Class "B"
Bottom (l-r): #4 Jack McGrath- President's…

Six volumes recording the lot number, description of blends, weight, cost, quality and waste for the production of various types of cloth.

Four volumes that record the weight, percentage and types of wool used to produce various colors and types of cloth in each lot. Approximately 725 lots per volume.

The book records 950 blends or mixtures of wool including the price per pound and total cost of the particular lot.

The book records 5653 orders for different color, style, quality and kind of finished woolen cloth over an eleven month period.

The book contains 580, 3 x 5 in., finished woolen samples that represent the various colors and textures of the cloth produced at the mill. Likely used by salesmen to show the available materials.

Two applications, Litchfield and South Acton Coal, to buy and sell coal during World War I.

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The Observation Tower was built by the American Legion to watch for airplanes and was manned 24 hours per day. It was later taken over by the Coast Artillery. It was destroyed by fire on October 30, 1951.

See also: The History of Maynard,…

The Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railroad car leaving Maynard on the way to Stow and Hudson.

The Columbiad was a precursor of what later became the yearbook, The Screech Owl. Several pages are shown.


This Appraisal Report includes assessed values, owner's values, and appraised values of 267 pieces of real estate properties in Maynard, Mass. The properties were associated with the American Woolen Company and subject to Auction in 1931, 1934. …

Two copies of notice of Public Auction of 150 dwellings owned by the American Woolen Company scheduled for August 17, 18, 1934, 10:00 am. Samuel T. Freeman & Co., Boston, and Henry W. Cooke, Providence, RI, were Auctioneers.

All Company dwellings were sold at Auction and most were purchased by the occupants. The Auction Public Notice notes the 74 Valuable Dwelling Properties, located in Maynard, Mass. The Auction was scheduled for June 23, 1934, at 10:00 am. The…