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Front (3): Johnny Lubin, Stanley Schultz, Harvey Marshall

Back (6): Eino Nelson, Eddie Brennan, Stanley Schultz, Jr., Rudi Koski, Reino Helin, Ruoff Tompkins

Five scrapbooks assembled by Ed Brennan throughout his life. They are stuffed with newspaper clippings, programs and photos that all relate to band music. Bands are recognized from local, Maynard Community Band to international, Canadian Natrional…

A collection of over 400 color photos and a number of black and white photos. Photos include members, tournaments, and building construction. Most photos are 1995- 1996 time period. Several documents included.

Twenty-five color photos of the construction of an addition to the Maynard Country Club, January 1995.

A black and white photo of the Maynard Country Club Board, dated 1960.

Pete MacKay, Frank Silkonis, Jack Cunningham, Tom Duggan, Jack McGrath, Midge Lunny, Frank Croft, Kay Murray, Wassy Chernak, Tom Chidley, Bob Tobin, and Jack Mullaney.

A black and white photo of an informal group of golfers at the Maynard Country Club, ca 1940-1950. The individuals are not identified.

A black and white photo of the Maynard Country Club Trophy winners dated 1948.

Rear (L-R):
Normie Snel; Joe Doudrant; Jake Driscoll; Bill Kane.

Front (L-R):
Gladys Watu, Julia Knae, Bernie Tobin, Helen Connors, Loretta Tobin.

A black and white photo of the Maynard Country Club Play Day winners from 1948.

Rear (L-R):
Alex Reed, ___, ___, Joe Doudrant, Bernie Tobin, Woodie Primano, Toni Columbo, ___, Jack johnson, Bob Tobin, Hans Watu.

Middle (L-R):
Betty Reed,…

A copy of a photo of the Calvin Whitney Farm. The farm was the future location of the Maynard Country Club.

A color photo of the Maynard Memorial Day Parade, dated May 28, 1979. L-R: Edward Brennan, playing the tuba; Alexander DeGrappo; Tierney; Pinolento; Schultz; and, Parish.

Alexander DeGrappo was the Band Leader at Maynard High School during this…

Promotional 1931 calendar offered by MaCone Bros, Inc Chrysler automobile dealership of Concord.

An original copy of a Deed for property sold to the Fitchburg Rail Road Co. issued January 10, 1850. The land was sold for $160.00 by Charles L. Mentzer, Stow, MA. The land purchased was to benefit the Lancaster & Sterling Branch of the Fitchburg…


A letter to R. L. Davis from Lissy Evans.

A short note to R. L. Davis from a friend, J. C. Flagg. It was postmarked Portsmouth, NH, August 15, (_?_). Mr. Flagg is inviting Mr. Davis to fish and hunt with him.

A 3 page letter addressed to R. L. Davis regarding a rail road route through Sutton, NH and adjoining towns. It is dated October 3, 1848. It is signed John B. Bouton.

A wooden wall plaque with a picture of Rev. John A. Crowe, and St. Bridget's Church.

A souvenir metal tray for St. Bridget's Church that shows pictures of Rev. John A. Crowe, Pastor, and St. Bridget's Church.

A letter from Daniel S. Sanborn to R. L. Davis concerning some missing plans during the construction of the Sterling branch of the Fitchburg Rail Road.


Correspondence of 4 pages from W. H. Wood to R. L. Davis regarding a legal affair. Much of the writing is unreadable. The letter is dated July 6, 1848.

A note of final estimate written by Robert Lewis Davis, Resident Engineer, for the work of Sewall F. Belknap in 1849. The Belknap Company moved 37,873 cubic yards of earth; moved 386 cubic yards of ledge; and, built 169.5 cubic yards of culvert…