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A file folder of 8 pages of Maynard newspaper articles from July 1879 to November 1879.

A page from the Maynard newspaper dated October 25, 1879 and November 1, 8, 1879. Names in the articles are: Binks, Cahoon, Church, Curtis, Deane, Dettling, Farrell, Flemming, Flood, Fox, Gove, Greeley, Harriman, Haynes, Henderson, Hill, and…

A page of the Maynard newspaper dated September 13, 20, 1879. Names in the articles include: Balcom, Brooks, Buckley, Butters, Chase, Collins, Conant, Cropper, Curtis, and Cutting.

Flood, Garfield, Heine, Henderson, Hill, Hills, Hillis, Holt,…

A page from the Maynard newspaper dated August 28, 30, 1879. Names in the article include: Blood, Boardman, Casey, Charleton, Cheney, Cleary, Colbert, Connihan, Cropper, Cullen, Cutting, Daily, and Dow.

Elliot, Felton, Fowler, Garfield, Grady,…

A page from the Maynard newspaper, dated November 22, 1879. Names include: Bent, Hapgood, Livermore, Milliken, Tarbell, and Wilder.

A page from the Maynard newspaper dated November 15, 22, 1879. Names in the articles are: Balcom, Casey, Conant, Cullen, Fowler, Haynes, Henderson, Higgins, Livermore, Maynard, McCall, Milliken, Mossman, Rhodes, Scott, Stone, Sweeney, Thompson,…

A page from the Maynard newspaper from August 9, 16, 1879. Names in the articles are: Adams, Callaghan, Chase, Cheney, Cleary, Cropper, Cullen, Curtis, Cutting, Farrell, Flemming, Fletcher, Flood, Garfield, Hapgood, Haynes, Henderson, Hillis, Holt,…

A page from the Maynard newspaper dated July 5,12,19,26, 1879.

Names in the articles are: Adams, Brooks, Carlton, Cullen, Curtis, Flood, Henderson, Johnson, Keyes, Lowe, Milliken, Maynard, Parker, Robertson, Rogers, Shattuck, Smith, Vance,…

An invoice from the New Idea Store, 65-67 Main St., was issued to the Young Co-operative Club in September 20, 1935. A total of $3.13 paid for one shirt, one suspenders, one tie, and six pair of socks at $.25 each.

An invoice to the United Co-operative Club from Lerer's, a store on Main St., Maynard, MA. The cost is $2.14 for one scarf, one apron, and 2 canes.

Two Gruber Bros. Co. Furniture invoices, dated 1935. The items were sold to the Maynard United Co-operative Club, 54 Main St., Maynard, Mass.

A memo from the United Co-operative Society's Manager, Waldemar Niemela. The memo is a listing of eight Coop Unions in Massachusetts and New York.

Two petty cash vouchers for the United Co-operative Club expenses dated October 17, 18, 1935. They are for $.35 each. An additional memo documents the receipt of $1.00 for the transportation expenses of the Society's Whist Committee.

A series of sx (6) invoices from the United Co-operative Society of Maynard.

They are for: $1.37, $2.53, $6.00, $1.35, $.45, and $.56.

A series of invoices from W. B. Case & Sons. The first is to Mrs. Lina Walsh written December 7, 1935, for $7.15.

An invoice from W. B. Case dated December 29, 1934 for $6.90.

The next invoice is for $3.52, dated 1935.

The next invoice is…

A (donation) "prescription" of 2 Maydale Ginger Ales at $.20 each for a total of $.40. The "prescription" is made out to the Co-op Club. The donation was for the refreshments for the Whist Committee the week of March 18, 1935. The Alfred A. Minahan…

The entertainers include: D. Sexton, Ed Sheridan, J. Doherty, W. Hannon, R. Farquhar, Lizzie Gallagher, Laurietta Hannon, John May, Rosa Hannon

The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. letter soliciting business from the Maynard schools.

The actors include: Leo Mullin, Impi Klemola, Sylvia Ahola, George Tucker, Edward Fearns, Maurice White, Samuel Gilman, Jeannette Johnston, Sirkka Koivu