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EPSON097 e(2).jpg
A black and white photo of the Brothers of the Brush "Burying the Razor", during the Centennial year.

A packet of four black and white photos related to the Centennial. Photo #1 The "Brush" at Alumni Field Rotary, Tim McLean, Mike Soko, Wally Niskanen; Photo #2 Bill Robinson as Sheriff; Photo #3 "Maynard Minutemen", Marty Mucciaccio, Guy Iannuzzo,…

A black and white photo of Centennial meeting participants. (l-r) ___?, Maria Eneguess, Will Dodd, Ray Sheridan, Emil Genest, ___?, Tom Cocoa, ___?.

A packet of 22 black and white photos of various activities during the Maynard Centennial in 1971. Photo #1 Centennial Bowling, the Mavericks vs. the Brewers: Walter Fields, Tom White, Charlie Foley; Photo #2"The Boiler Room Boys" Band; Photo #3…

A sepia family photo of Edward & Martha Lawton and their children, 1890 ca. Edward Lawton was an Overseer in the Assabet Mills. His son John became a Maynard Selectman and in 1921 was a Water Commissioner. Back Row: Frederick Lawton, Jane Lawton,…

EPSON092e JohnWWhite.jpg
This photo appears to be a picture of John ("Jack") W. White (?) and three unidentified men, 1900 ca. John is the first man on the left, and the son of John Henry White, a signer of the original Maynard Incorporation Petition, 1871.

A photo of John Henry White and his family taken at his 50th Wedding Anniversary gathering. John Henry White, born in Sudbury 1849, a son of William H. White and Ann Carroll White, was an original signer of the Town of Maynard's Incorporation…

A sepia photo of the house at 14 Brooks Street, Maynard, MA, 1914 ca. This photo is part of a photo album belonging to the Estate of Ralph Cheney. It remains in the album in PB72.

A sepia picture of the girls who graduated from Maynard High School, Class of 1914. The picture is part of a photo album donated from the Estate of Ralph Cheney.

A sepia photo of the Temperance Union women carrying a flag in a parade, ca 1921. The store behind the women is Eusemi's Market, it has since burned.

A collection of five photograph albums donated by the Ralph Cheney Estate. The photos appear to be turn-of-the century, 1900's ca. The majority of photos are unidentified. Of those posted, two photos are of Levi Cheney, one is a group of men on the…

A sepia photo of Main Street and the Petersen Bridge, pre-1916. The Petersen Bridge spans the Assabet River. The Lunch Cart is on the far right of the picture and Nelly's is in the center of the block.

A black and white photo of Eino Nyholm and Maynard Policemen marching in a parade, date unknown. Eino Nyholm is in the lead of the Policemen.

A black and white photo of the Board of Selectmen for Maynard, MA. Pictured from left to right are: (Unknown), Ed Allard, Tom Coco, Will Dodd, and Joan Nyholm.

A series of 40 color photos of the Maynard Christmas Parade, Maynard, MA, December 1999. Three samples are shown.

A black and white of Maynard High School Majorettes, on the steps of the school. Joan Nyholm is in the group picture.

A color photo of Joan Nyholm performing as a Majorette during ceremonies at a cemetery. A black and white photo of Joan Nyholm and two Majorette friends at the same event.

Two color photos of a beauty contest at Maynard High School. One photo shows Sally Kangas walking across the stage.

A color photo of Eino Nyholm and Sally Kangas posing at a Prom.

A color photo of Joan Nyholm Bourne at her prom.