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A black and white copy of a photo of the home office and manufacturing facilities of DEC.

A black and white photo of "Building 1 Illuminated" was Yu Hata's prize winning entry in Digital's Photo contest and was taken by a Pentax camera, set for a 2 second exposure at 5.6f stop.

Everyone was required to leave the plant during fire drills which were scheduled periodically. In the photo, occupants of Building #5 wait for the "all clear" signal.

A black and white photo of DEC Building #12.

EPSON009e (2).jpg
A black and white aerial view of the Maynard Mill Buildings/Digital Equipment Corp.

EPSON010e (2).jpg
Two black and white photos of the interior of the DEC building. One photo is labeled "module test". The photos are 1960 ca.

A Program for Appreciation Night held November 30, 1971, in the Maynard High School Auditorium. The event was sponsored by the Town of Maynard to extend its gratitude to Digital Equipment Corporation for bringing "great credit to the name of…

EPSON013 e(2).jpg
Six color photos (with duplicates) of the Maynard Mill's garage.

EPSON016e (2).jpg
A series of 26 color photos celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Digital Equipment Corporation and Testimonial Banquet to Ken Olsen, Founding President. The event was held April 19, 1983. The first photo of attendees include Bill Keto, Winnie Hearon,…

Two color photos of the entrance to the flume at Sudbury Street. The flume was used to carry water to the mills for the boilers, while No.1 Mill was being built, 1916-1918. The photo with exposed pilings was taken in 1979.

Two color photos of the three dimensional model of Ken Olsen Plaza. The design of the Plaza model was done by Vanasse/Hangen & Associates, Inc.; Lane, Frenchman and Associates, Inc.

The book contains names of members, when they joined, the dues they paid and some minutes for planning for a summer festival in 1924. Several pages are shown and two translations of the minutes. Thanks to Roy Helander for the translation and…

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A collection of certificates of redeemed, replaced or transferred shares from the early 1930's through 1962.

EPSON020 e(2).jpg
A black and white photo of the Maynard High School Football Team, dated 1936 on the football.

A color photo of Maynard Centennial Committee Members in 1971. Front Row (l-r): Elizabeth Shnair, _____(?), Virginia Murphy. Back Row (l-r): Joe Boothroyd, Rudy Koski, Ralph Sheridan.

A black and white photo of the Class of 1947 from Maynard High School The event took place at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA in 1953.

Two black and white photos celebrating thirty-five years of service from Miss Catherine Fewry, Chief Operator for the Maynard Telephone Exchange. The event was a surprise party that took place at the Millstream Restaurant. Miss Fewry was presented…

A black and white photo of Herbert Torpa sitting on his motorcycle in 1948. He is pictured at the Co-op Gas Station, the corner of Summer Street and Waltham Street.

A black and white photo of the Mason Farm on Summer St., site of the Bent Farm. Summer Street and Summer Hill are visible in the photo.

A sepia photo of a 7th grade class in Maynard, dated June 1942. The teacher is Mary E. Coughlin. The photo is identified as the future MHS Class of 1947.