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Ralph Sheridan (top) and Joseph Boothroyd enjoy a steak and corn at a historical society function.

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Gladys (Tobin) Swett, Ralph Sheridan, Elizabeth Schnair, Joseph Boothroyd

Eino "Bonesey" Nyholm leading Memorial Day Parade into Glenwood Cemetery.


This is likely 5 Maple Street.

Cloth label that was sown on the finished product.

A cloth patch produced by the club.


MHSA 2019.619.JPG
A compilation of "who's who" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1888-1890. Includes an entry for Lorenzo Maynard on pages 399-400.

A collection of sheet music spanning the 1920's, 30' s & 40's belonging to the school department, Nancy Duckworth Whiting, Doris Marsden, Bert Lawton, F. W. Hemenway and likely others.


MHSA 2019.618.JPG
This index was compiled by the Sudbury Historical Society as a companion to Alfred Hudson's 1889 History of Sudbury, which was published in observance of the town's 250th anniversary.

"This index seeks to serve the needs of historians,…

MHSA 2019.621.JPG
A history of the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, published in honor of the town's 250th anniversary. Chapter XXIX includes the incorporation of Maynard.

A separate index, compiled by the Sudbury Historical Society in 1983, includes a list of…

MHSA 2019.623.JPG
A history of Middlesex County in Massachusetts. Book does not include a title or copyright page. An index is taped to the inside, listing the towns included in the history: Acton, Ashby, Burlington, Cambridge, Carlisle, Dunstable, Lexington,…

MHSA 2019.628.JPG
Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commissioners, appointed by Governor Frank G. Allen: Herbert Parker (Chairman), Frank Roe Batchelder (Vice Chairman), Sybil H. Holmes (Secretary), Robert B. Choate, John Cifrino, Henry Colt,, Allan Forbes,…

MHSA 2019.614.JPG
"The second in a series of portrayals of Old New England towns".

"Illustrated with reproductions of pencil sketches from the original domiciles built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries". List of illustrations: Sudbury Center in Winter;…

MHSA 2019.613.JPG
Includes the birth, marriage and death records for the town of Stow, Massachusetts through 1850.

"This publication is issued under the authority of a vote passed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, November 6, 1901".

Committee on…

MHSA 2019.616.JPG
Book on the principles of woolen manufacturing, which includes 111 diagrams. Chapter titles include: The History of the Woollen Trade; Wool, and Wool Washing; Carbonizing; Shoddy; Oils and Soaps; Opening Processes; Mixing; Carding; Card Feeds and…

Canceled ticket for a special train for Maine Veterans of the Civil War from Boston to Gettysburg, PA.

MHSA 2019.615.JPG
A history of the town of Acton, Massachusetts through 1950, with an errata sheet taped on the inside front cover. Includes multiple references to the town of Maynard.