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Taken at Alumni Field, Maynard, Mass.
Paul Stein, 1st row, 4th from right

Two volumes of plans for the Maynard High School building under construction in 2011. This represents the near final configuration of the building.

Three black and white pictures of Rally Night 1971 in the Green Meadow Elementary School. The first picture is of the refreshment table and the second is the singing portion of the event.

A faded black and white photo of a doll house built for the Maynard Kindergarten. It was built by Mr. Lawrence Armour of Summer Street. His daughter, Deborah Armour, is shown admiring the doll house.

A photo of a group of children who are part of a street hockey team at the Roosevelt School Summer Recreation Program.

A group of students attend a ceremony to plant a tree in front of Emerson Junior High School (Fowler School, Summer Street). Possibly Arbor Day? Holding tree: Tommy Sheridan?

Maynard High School Marching Band Uniform including a orange wool jacket and black wool pants;

A seven section report on the state and future of the schools library system.

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In the early years of transporting students the town had only one bus. You had to live on the outskirts of town. Mr. White was the owner and driver, and all grades were picked up on the same run.

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This is a photo of Freshman students in the Class of 1944, taken in the George Washington Auditorium, Summer Street.

A sepia school picture of an unidentified grade in the Main Street School, ca 1930.

A black and white photo of the Fowler School, photo taken in 1970. The school was built in 1926, named the Emerson Junior High School in 1932 and renamed the Fowler School in 1964.

The school was built in 1926, named the Emerson Junior High School in 1932 and renamed the Fowler School in 1964.

Built in 1903, it was used as a grammar school and was the first brick building to be Town-owned. It was renamed the Woodrow Wilson School in 1932. The third photo shows a later view with the railing on the roof removed. A fire on December 17,…

Published in the interests of the Public Library by the Scholars of the High School.

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Front: last on right is Marion Gladys Townsend, the daughter of Benjamin and Louise Carter Townsend.


Thought to be the old Northwest District School, or Turnpike School, which had been removed from its former location at Great Road and Parker Streets.

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