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Three ledgers that record the number, source, condition and types of bales of wool received by the mill.

Six volumes recording the lot number, description of blends, weight, cost, quality and waste for the production of various types of cloth.

Four volumes that record the weight, percentage and types of wool used to produce various colors and types of cloth in each lot. Approximately 725 lots per volume.

The book records 950 blends or mixtures of wool including the price per pound and total cost of the particular lot.

The book contains 580, 3 x 5 in., finished woolen samples that represent the various colors and textures of the cloth produced at the mill. Likely used by salesmen to show the available materials.

Ledgers that list the various blends of wool to produce different quality/appearance of the cloth.

A ledger with the various mixes of materials to produce a particular finished woolen cloth.

The woolen material that was used to make this coat was woven at the Assabet Mills, American Woolen Company, Maynard.

Possibly a piece of early carpet manufactured in Assabet Mills in 1847. The cloth was preserved and handed down through the Maynard family. It was last owned by William Gutteridge, author of "A Brief History of Maynard, Mass. - 1921". William…

A book listing the different types of wool with related prices per roll as noted in 1929.

Thirteen booklets containing explanations, practice calculations and examinations questions on topics that involve the processing of raw wool to a finish fabric.
The photo is a sample cover of the courses. This Ply Weave course comes complete with…