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A formal, sepia-colored photo of Mary Holt,

A map of the plan for alterations to Main Street and Sudbury Street designed March 1913. Haynes Brothers Store is a highlighted location. Survey and location notes by Wm. D. Tuttle.

At the Florida Rd. railroad bridge (Assabet House is visible in the background).

Wide-format group portrait of 2 sanitary squads (numbers 91 and 92) of the 12th Division at Camp Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts.

1st photo: Taken around 1900. It shows the backside of the newly constructed Masonic Building, the apartments on River Street, the back of the Congregational Church, and in the foreground the river and Walnut Street bridge.

2nd photo: Taken in…

Stage curtain is canvas on a wooden roll which was raised and lowered via pulleys. The photo is undated but electicity was availabe (see light bulbs), sometime after 1900.

On floor, 2nd from left: Elli Yuojarvi
3rd row (standing) l to r: Pekka…

Top left two photos picture Lorenzo's (Amory's son) house. The house is still standing, only slightly modified externally.

Top right two photos: Amory Maynard's mansion on "Maynard's Hill" now Dartmouth Street. Built about 1873 and occupied by…

l to r
Front : Jim Lucchesi, John Ojalehto
2nd: Frithioff Tofferi, Jesse Sikila, Ivar Sjoblom, William Lehto, William Sjublois, Victor Hotakainen, Oskar Tofferi, Oskar Ahola, Katti Ruska, Toivo Frigard, Hjalkar Saarinen, William Kickola,

The hall was built by the Finnish Workingmen's Socialist Society in 1909 and enlarged in 1916. It was used for dances, meetings, sports and dramatics. The top photo shows the Imatra Band in front of the balcony.

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The Maynard Bottling Works was located on Florida Road and was started by W. Keto. He later sold the business to Paul Hilander and the name was eventually changed to Maydale Bottling Company and moved to larger quarters on Glendale Street. Maydale…


A formal, sepia-colored photo of Selma Pirkola.

A sepia photo of the third graders in front of the Old Main Street School.

A photo of Grade 5 students in front of the Nason St. School, in 1897.


A photo of school children, grade and year unknown. The name Ledgard is written on the back.

A sepia photo of a class of students outside the Nason St. School, in the early 1900's.

This is book two, the Development of the Vowels. Acquired by the Maynard schools in 1905.


A document describing bilious pills for the family as developed by Dr. John B. Houche of Groton, CT.