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A commemorative pin and ribbon honoring St. Casimir Church and Rev. John S. Dziok, dated November 12, 1928, Maynard, MA.

A collection of nine Massachusetts Fire Insurance Department Forms which report on a variety of fires in Maynard in 1891. These fires are described as: Jan. 19, 1891, Darling Block Fire; March 5, 1891, Darling Block; May 9, 1891, Forest Fire; June 8,…

Two separate insurance policies between the Town of Maynard and Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland regarding construction projects for the Maynard Senior and Junior High Schools. The policies are written on behalf of the plumbing and…

Six black and white photos of graduates of Maynard High School, Class of 1948. These include photos of:

Picture 1 (l-r):
Top Row: Barbara Bowse, Jean Puffer.
Bottom Row: Dorothy Chernak, Audrey Olsen.

Picture 2 (l-r):


The Polish-American Citizen and Benefit Society Constitution handbook, written in Polish and American languages. The Handbook was printed in January 1955.

EPSON103e (2).jpg
A photo of the Maynard Water Tank located on Elmwood Street that was camouflaged by a house-like structure, ca 1934.

Two sepia photos of Dorothy Murray, a Maynard First Grade teacher, 1920. She lived at 8 Demar's Street, Maynard, Mass.

A wage receipt issued to Emil Salmi from the American Woolen Company, dated November 4, 1951.

An accident/insurance card issued to employees of the American Woolen Company. This card was issued to Emil Salmi, dated December 26, 1919.

A card issued to Emil Salmi, dated June 1, 1940 to September 1, 1940, for surplus food distribution during the War. The card is signed by Pat Murphy, Public Health Officer.

A medal awarded to members of the United Textile Workers of America. This medal belonged to Emil Salmi, ca 1940.

A termination notice for Emil Salmi from the American Woolen Co. dated July 10,1952, due to permanent closing of the Assabet Mill.

A series of five Textile Union Membership Cards for Emil Salmi, dated 1918, 1942, 1947, 1949, and 1950.

A collection of ten War Ration Books and paperwork for fuel oil rations for the Salmi family during World War II.

Thirty-One Maynard Poll Tax bills for Emil Salmi, ranging from $2 to $5.

Two United Co-op Society of Maynard ID Cards for Emil Salmi of 24 Lewis Street, Maynard, Mass.

A Selective Service Classification Card for Emil Salmi, dated Feb. 2, 1918. The Card is signed by Frank S. Bulkeley, Board Member.

Two Registration Certificates for Selective Service for Emil Salmi, dated June 5, 1917 and April 26, 1942. The 1917 is signed by George E. Lawton, Registrar; and, the 1942 is signed by Faith Jolikko, Registrar for Local Board #54, Concord, MA.

The building was on Walnut St. behind the Masonic Block. The telephone company occupies that space currently.

Receipts for delivery of coal to Joseph Boothroyd in the 1950's. His address was 166 Great Road.