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The document was often signed two years after date of immigration with the intent of becoming citizens.

" Alfred Heikki's son Torppa, here in Kaustinen has castrated my colts during several years and all have recovered well. Also other diseases in both my horses and my cattle were cured through his medicine and good care to which I now…


" That animal surgeon, Alfred Torppa, from Veteli has several times with good results taken care om my horses and cattle, which by request I now attest.

In Perho, December 19, 1904 H. F. Karki"


" I attest that on October 25, 1899 Alfred Torppa, an animal surgeon, operated on my year and a half old Stallion colt and that operation succeeded very well. By request, I thus testify in Perho, on January 12, 1900.

Antti Sahipakka, a young land…


"By chance my two horses came down with such a perilous case of throat infection that the veterinarian Dr. Miller in Kokkala frightened me that it was an extremely severe disease. I had recourse to the services of Alfred Torppa, a folk medicine…


"That the farmer's son Alfred Heikki's son Torppa here in Upper Veteli has castrated my Stallion with good results which I now attest

In Veteli, December 23, 1904 Antti Torppa, a landowener in Veteli"


Marriage took place in New York, the certificate ended up Maynard. Presumably related to the Maynard Hamalainens.

The original certificate from the 1954 naturalization.

The original certificate from the 1954 naturalization.

"I can hereby attest that the young man, Alfred Torppa, from Vetili at my farm has passed courses in anatomy of house pets, horse shoeing, and birthing as well as the more ordinary outer and inner sicknesses with satisfaction. He has also taken…

Alfred Torppa is giving power of attorney to his son's wife's mother, Wilhelmina Vaclin, to act in his behalf in a matter concerning joint ownership of property in Vetili, Finland, with his brother, Kalle Torppa. Alfred Torppa's lawyer is U.…

Translation: " The American immigrant Alfred Heikki's son Torppa, born March 4, 1880 in Veteli, married on April 4, 1901 to Maria Amalia August's daughter Tofferi, born in Halsua on October 15, 1879 and live in matrimony in America.
Certified by…

This book contains minutes of the September 19, 1910 meeting at which The Finnish Workingmen's Association, Taisto, of Maynard was formed. The purpose of said corporation shall be: to influence among the laboring classes in Maynard a feeling of…

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A green photo book of black and white photos of Aaro Hyden while he was stationed in Italy during WWII. The photos have no identifiers on them.

A black and white photo of a group of men, including Aaro Hyden. Aaro Hyden is standing in the back row, sixth from the left.

The scrapbook is an eclectic collection of newspaper articles, brochures, invitations, magazine clippings, programs etc... that Frank Sanderson put together over many years. Many of the documents date during his 36 years as Town Clerk, 1913-1948. …


Two tinted photos of Aaro Hyden in Fano, Italy, dated November 1943. One photo is of Aaro riding a bike with another unidentified soldier. The second tinted photo is of Aaro seated on the tire of a WWII plane.

EPSON014 e(2).jpg
A Basic Field Manual Infantry Drill Regulations, 1931. Aaro Hyden's name is inside the Manual.

EPSON013 e(2).jpg
The War Department's Basic Field Manual, Vol. III, Basic Weapons, Part One, Rifle Company, Chapter 2, Automatic Rifle Marksmanship. 60 pgs.