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A programme for a recital held by Younger Pupils of Grace Chapman Phinney, Assisted by Chester Henry Parsons, Barytone Soloist, accompanied by Lucy Bigelow Bean and Robert D. Morse. The recital was held in Co-Operative Hall on Wednesday evening,…

Cora Doret Edwards school Writing Book dated 1901-1902. The copyright is dated 1897, by Ginn and Company, Boston, NY, and Chicago.

The 1893 Maynard, Mass Tax Bill for Joshua Edwards is for $6.50. The payment was made November 24, 1893, and signed off by W. H. Gutteridge, Tax Collector.

Joshua Edwards tax bill for the Town of Maynard, Mass is for the year 1896. The sum due is $24.40. The Tax Collector is F. H. Salisbury, and the signed receipt is dated Feb. 1, 1897.

The crypt was built for Amory Maynard. Amory and his wife Mary are interred there along with 21 other family members.

Odd collection of newspaper clippings relating to Maynard.

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Clergy in front row: Rev. Delphis O. Duquette, ___?, Rev. D. Edward O'Bryan

Far Right: Superintendent Mary Doyle, Principal Albert Lerer


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Jimmy King, ___?, ___?, Father Sullivan, Joseph E. Boothroyd

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Front Row: Harold Cuttel, Dominic Colombo, Nick Constanza (Navy)

2nd Row: Carlo Mistreta (Navy)

Back Row: Donald Brayden, Ponsy Wheeler, ___?, ___?, Joseph Boothroyd

Dues books belonging to Joshua Edwards and Albertes Howes for the Loom Fixers Union No. 18, Lawrence, Mass., dated 1903.

The original letter from sitting NH Governor Walter Peterson, dated April 18, 1969. The letter expresses great appreciation for the Town of Maynard's acknowledgement of his family roots in Maynard, Mass.

Two artifacts from the Harriman Laundry. The first is a Harriman clean shirt wrapper; the second is a Harriman Laundry business card.

Three invoices made out to Mr. David Nugent. The first is an invoice for masonry work performed by P. Fahey, Marlborough, Mass., dated July 29, 1893. The second invoice is to David Nugent from Joshua Edwards for costs associated with renting…

A statement from C. H. Hill, Insurance Agent, to Joshua Edwards is dated 1894 and signed by C. H. Hill. Services rendered were regarding an estate settlement and cost $4.85.

A 1895 Tax Bill with Joshua Edwards name. The tax is $24.40 for both Poll and Real Estate. It is signed by F. H. Salsburg, Collector, and paid on January 31, 1896.

Seven color photos of Digital Headquarters at 111 Powdermill Road, Maynard, MA.

Three black and white photos of a retrofitting project of the interior of the Digital Facility. The first photo is of the above ground tunnel entrance that connects Building #2 to Building #3. The remaining two photos are unidentifiable locations.

A black and white photo of the Editor of the Beacon with students at the Digital Facility, 1970 ca.

Newspaper clippings related to sports in Maynard including a monograph of the history of sports.

A black and white photo of Kenneth H. Olsen. Mr. Olsen was the Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1957. He served as President until his retirement in October 1992. Under his direction he grew the company from three employees in 8,500 square…