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Tony Collins ( right?), Maynard's first full time fireman, is riding the wagon with an unknown individual. The man on the left is operating the valve to get water from the elevated stand. Water was sprayed on the roads to suppress dust.


This is the only photo taken by Charles Otis Hodgman in the collection.

This is a scanned and searchable copy of the 1917 Annual Town Report.

(Note: The scanning process lost the warrant at the end of the report. We will attempt to fill in the missing pages at a future date.)

This is a scanned and searchable copy of the 1920 Annual Town Report.

(Please note that several pages were damaged or lost during the scanning process. We will eventually fill in the lost information.)

This is a scanned and searchable copy of the 1919 Annual Town Report.

Searching for "influenza" can provide some background on the impact of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic and the recovery following its influence. (See the 1918 copy for…

This is a scanned and searchable copy of the 1918 Annual Town Report.

Searching for "influenza" can provide some background on the impact of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic.

The ducks where release onto the Assabet River from the Elks and floated to the Damon Mill Dam in West Concord. It was part of a fundraiser, first to arrive won.

The album contain over 200 photos taken in the 1910's and 1920's at various locations in Maynard including on Brooks Street. Some of the people identified include: John Lawton, Bertha Lawton, Lessie Lawton McGarry, William McGarry, Vera Lawton, Jean…


Ashtray handcrafted by Connie Ayotte Stigliani

A collection of arrow points, sinkers, grinding stones and scrapers recovered in the 1930's at the Puffer Pond cranberry bog. Some of these artifacts may date back several thousand years. The area was later taken by the Army in WWII for an ordinance…


A coffee mug imprinted with "Only in Maynard" slogan used as fundraiser for planting flowers along the Assabet River Rail Trail. See attached article.

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A Maynard Historical Society Membership Card issued for the Maynard Centennial Celebration, 1971.

Two blue and white banners used during the 1971 Centennial Celebration. The first was hung on the side of a car representing the Maynard Centennial Committee, and the other was on a car representing the Maynard Historical Society. They were used…

Three Centennial plates, celebrating the 1971 Maynard Centennial. They are cream and blue with a gold edging. Images of Maynard landmarks are imprinted on the bottom of the plate.

Seven (7) white and blue Centennial Cups.

A medal engraved with the phrase "Pro Patria" and the name "C. E. Lent, Town of Maynard, Mass., 1917-1919".

A letter from the Lowell Sun's Metro Editor, Peter Gluckler, regarding the medal line cuts for the Centennial Emblem. It is dated July 1, 1971.

A ticket to one of the many events that occured at the time of Maynard's Centennial.

The event was held at St. Bridget's School Hall.