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A collection of arrow points, sinkers, grinding stones and scrapers recovered in the 1930's at the Puffer Pond cranberry bog. Some of these artifacts may date back several thousand years. The area was later taken by the Army in WWII for an ordinance…


A coffee mug imprinted with "Only in Maynard" slogan used as fundraiser for planting flowers along the Assabet River Rail Trail. See attached article.

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A Maynard Historical Society Membership Card issued for the Maynard Centennial Celebration, 1971.

Two blue and white banners used during the 1971 Centennial Celebration. The first was hung on the side of a car representing the Maynard Centennial Committee, and the other was on a car representing the Maynard Historical Society. They were used…

Three Centennial plates, celebrating the 1971 Maynard Centennial. They are cream and blue with a gold edging. Images of Maynard landmarks are imprinted on the bottom of the plate.

A white and blue mug that celebrates the Maynard Centennial 1871-1971.

Seven (7) white and blue Centennial Cups.

A medal engraved with the phrase "Pro Patria" and the name "C. E. Lent, Town of Maynard, Mass., 1917-1919".

A letter from the Lowell Sun's Metro Editor, Peter Gluckler, regarding the medal line cuts for the Centennial Emblem. It is dated July 1, 1971.

A ticket to one of the many events that occured at the time of Maynard's Centennial.

The event was held at St. Bridget's School Hall.

The Town Hall and School 897 numbers of the early sixties.


The file contains the history of roller polo as played in pre-1900.
Team Members: Robert Denniston, Allie Martin, Sylas Sawyer, James Morgan

Four cream and black badge for Brothers of the Brush worn during the Maynard Centennial.

A ticket to the Maynard High School Alumni Association Banquet on June 30, 1971. It was held at Alphonse's Powder Mill Restaurant.

A rubber stamp with the name Maynard Centennial Committee imprinted.


A raffle ticket to win a Centennial Quilt with the drawing on July 4, 1971. The Quilt was made by Lin-Con Belles. It was all hand sewn with over 1500 pieces. There were over 600 hours invested in the lay-out, cut, and the sewing. The size was 81 x…


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Two black calendar books for planning activities. On the cover is imprinted the words 'Maynard, Mass., Centennial, 1871-1971.


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Two buttons worn by Roy Gray. The first is a button from his uniform, 1914-1919. The second is a Service Pin for service at the front, 1914-1919.