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The book has the date of order, date of carding and spinning , quantity and other information of the finished woolen cloth.

Including Zoning By-Law, Salary Administration Plan, Civil Defense By-Law, Traffic Rules and Orders.

By-Law Committee:
Richard M. Merrill
Alfred S. Carey, Jr., Chairman
Indgrid Martin, Town Clerk

G. L. Chapter 32, Sec. 1-28 and Other Special Acts.

Retirement as provided by law for employees of Massachusetts and the counties, cities, towns, districts and some public authorities in Massachusetts.

Town of Maynard zoning by-laws from 1960.

Members of Planning Board:
Carlo J. Mistretta, Chairman
Worsley Fardy, Clerk
Warren Johnson
Robert McMahon
Ralph W. Herrick, Jr.

Survey from January 1960, conducted by the Board of Trustees, Maynard Public Library - "The Library will be grateful for your help through this questionnaire in determining how closely its services meet the needs of its readers".


Warrant for Maynard's Annual Town Meeting on March 3, 1969. See also item 2019.513, Finance Committee Report, Budget, Recommendations- 1969.

Selectmen: Howard E. Boeske, Thomas A. Cocco, Willis D. Dodd

By-Laws, Zoning By-Law, Salary Administration Plan, Civil Defense By-Law, By-Laws Committee, Traffic Rules and Orders - March 5, 1962.

By-Laws Committee:
Frank C. Lituri, Chairman
Raymond J. Sheridan, Clerk
Michael T. Zapareski

Finance Committee Report for Maynard's Annual Town Meeting on April 26, 1976.

Selectmen: Alfred T. Whitney, Thomas A. Cocco, Richard T. White.

Finance Committee Report for Maynard's Annual Town Meeting on April 25, 1977.

Cover: Financial Report & Official Warrant FY 1978

Selectmen (signatures): Alfred T. Whitney, Edwin Gately, Richard T. White.

A photo collection of both the history of the Park and the renovation efforts to the Veteran's Memorial Park, Maynard, Mass. George Shaw was the Chairman of the Maynard Veteran's Memorial Committee. The photo album was presented by CWO Stewart T.…

A set of color photographs of the Testimonial of James V. King, held November 13, 1977, at Alphonse's Restaurant, Rte. 62, Maynard, Mass. The set of photos number 78. The Testimonial was a celebration of 45 years of service by James "Jimmy" King in…

This identification button was worn by all empoyees at the Assabet Mills, Maynard, during the early 1920's. These buttons were worn by Salvatore Terrasi (1999.2699); George Peterson (1999.244); Henry Slyvert (1999.245); Niilo hyden (1999.1099); Niilo…

A collection of newsletters, 13 issues spanning 1972-1975.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Corporation Annual Report form for the Assabet Village Minutemen.

Certificate from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognizing the incorporation of the Assabet Village Minutemen.

Bylaws of the "parent" organization of the Assabet Village Minutemen. The Council informed and organized various minutemen organizations across New England, focused around the United States Bicentennial in 1976.

The Assabet Village Minutemen incorporated in 1975. While Maynard did not come to exist until 100 years after the Revolutionary War, the towns of Stow and Sudbury from which Maynard was carved did send Minutemen to various battles. The area of…

Report of the Government Study Committee, charged with studying all aspects of Maynard's town government.

Committee Members:
Robert R. Billups, Chairman
Priscilla E. Page, Secretary
Arthur J. Brooks
Joseph P. Dineen
Elmer J. Mertz
Robert E.…

Finance Committee Report for Maynard's Annual Town Meeting on April 24, 1978.

Selectmen (signatures): Alfred T. Whitney, Edwin Gately, Michael Lynch

Finance Committee Report for Maynard's Annual Town Meeting on March 4, 1974.

Selectmen: Thomas A. Cocco, Edward J. Allard, Richard T, White