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A sepia photo of Jeannette Cherry Adams, mother of Mary (Adams) Maynard, and wife of James Adams.

Postcard, in Finnish, sent from Annie Hnikan(?), Sudbury Rd., Concord to Mary Anderson, Maynard in 1920.

Postcard mail to Oscar Tower, Weymouth, Mass from Maynard, Mass. Postmarked at 2 PM on September 20, 1906 in Maynard and received same day in Weymouth at 6 PM. Hmmm.

A copy of a large framed lithograph.

A certificate issued to Stanley Slabyz for four shares of capital stock.

May have been a school photographer.

John Lubin is sitting, far right front.


The bi-monthly magazine published by the Boston Edison Company for its employees. This issue is entirely devoted to the 1938 hurricane.

One share of stock issued to Owen J. Hill in 1956 for the sum of $5.00.

Two bound copies of Lessie Maynard's ancestors.


An ink blotter promoting Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, local agent Frank J. McCarron.

Used in physics laboratories the Spark Chamber Scanning System used television cameras to record the location of cosmic ray events within the spark chamber. This information was recorded on tape and then fed into an IBM computer for further…

DEC's first 12-bit computer which introduced the instruction set that would later be expanded in the PDP-8. The PDP-5 had a memory capacity of 1,024 to 32,768 12-bit words (roughly 2KB-64KB). It was the first computer line in the industry with more…

The PDP-4 was 18-bit machine intended to be a slower, cheaper alternative to the PDP-1; it was not considered commercially successful. All later 18-bit PDP machines (7, 9 and 15) were based on a similar, but enlarged instruction set, more powerful,…

Circa 1960, Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) first products were a range of packaged logic circuit known as Digital Laboratory Modules. Built with discrete transistors the modules performed basic logic functions (e.g., clocks, pulse generators,…

Digital Equipment Corporation Main Street entrance during winter.

Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 1516 core memory tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the ferrite core memory modules in early general computers such as Whirlwind.

This appears to be a photo of technicians testing a core memory module with a Digital Equipment Corporation memory tester.

Publicity photo of an early model of a Digital PDP-1 (Programmable Data Processor) computer. On table is a CRT display, control panel and paper tape reader.