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Representatives of Digital Equipment Corporation at what appears to be a trade show. PDP-8 and Flip Chips are being displayed.

A black and white copy of a picture of W. B. Case & Sons. It was located on Nason St., now the Maynard Outdoor Store. W. B. ran the store for many years along with his sons Howard and Ralph. He was one of the first business men in the village.

Front row: Third from left, George Whalen
2nd row: First on left, Alice Mullen
3rd row: Fifth from left, Madeline Lukashod, Sixth from left, James Boothroyd; Tenth from left, Edward Gately
Back row: Seventh from left, Russell Edwards

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Paul Boothroyd standing by a 1946 Dodge used by the Firestone store located on Nason Street.

This is the first Solid Waste sticker produced when the Town went to a pay as you go system. Note the serial number.


A series of photos of the assessment of & removal of trees from the Assabet River shoreline, 1975 & 1977.

A black and white photo of Maynard Selectmen riding in a car in 1955. In the front seat is Howard Boeske. In the back seat is John Mitzcavitch, second from left.

A black and white photo of a 1955 Pontiac. Three women are riding in it with only Carolyn Quirk (3rd from the left) identified. The driver is identified as Cannella.

A black and white photo of the king and queen of the Maynard High School Prom riding in a convertible, 1955. The king is Arthur George West and the queen is Mary Elizabeth Bachrach. They are riding in a 1955 Plymouth.

A sepia photo of an unknown location in Maynard.

A photo of Elmhurst Farm on Parker Street.

A collection of applications to VFW Post No. 1812, Maynard, Mass.
The applications show the name of applicant, occupation, nearest relative, enlistment and discharge dates, branch of military, Campaign Medal Service and other information. Two…

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A black and white photo of the king and queen of prom night at Maynard High School. They are Mary Elizabeth Bachrach and Arthur George West.

A photo of the Maynard bandstand. Different Finnish bands used it. The owner moved it to Elm Street following disputes by the Finnish over the use of it. This is also the only existing photo of the water tank on the left.

A copy of a picture of the construction of the Walnut Street Bridge, 1921-22.

EPSON056 e(2).jpg
A series of color photos of the gravestones of a variety of Maynard family members. These are located on Pantry Road Cemetery, Sudbury, MA.

A photo of Bill Boothroyd and Ralph Sheridan at the site of the 1775 J. Puffer House in December 1974.

For recruiting purposes, an army tank was positioned on Main Street in front of the old Post Office. Dwelling house on the left is about where Maynard Trust stands. (Now Bubier & Riley Ins.)

A photo of two men on the steps of P.J. Whitney's.