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A sepia picture of the girls who graduated from Maynard High School, Class of 1914. The picture is part of a photo album donated from the Estate of Ralph Cheney.

A sepia photo of the Temperance Union women carrying a flag in a parade, ca 1921. The store behind the women is Eusemi's Market, it has since burned.

A collection of five photograph albums donated by the Ralph Cheney Estate. The photos appear to be turn-of-the century, 1900's ca. The majority of photos are unidentified. Of those posted, two photos are of Levi Cheney, one is a group of men on theā€¦

A sepia photo of Main Street and the Petersen Bridge, pre-1916. The Petersen Bridge spans the Assabet River. The Lunch Cart is on the far right of the picture and Nelly's is in the center of the block.

A black and white photo of Eino Nyholm and Maynard Policemen marching in a parade, date unknown. Eino Nyholm is in the lead of the Policemen.

A black and white photo of the Board of Selectmen for Maynard, MA. Pictured from left to right are: (Unknown), Ed Allard, Tom Coco, Will Dodd, and Joan Nyholm.

A series of 40 color photos of the Maynard Christmas Parade, Maynard, MA, December 1999. Three samples are shown.

A black and white of Maynard High School Majorettes, on the steps of the school. Joan Nyholm is in the group picture.

A color photo of Joan Nyholm performing as a Majorette during ceremonies at a cemetery. A black and white photo of Joan Nyholm and two Majorette friends at the same event.

Two color photos of a beauty contest at Maynard High School. One photo shows Sally Kangas walking across the stage.

A color photo of Eino Nyholm and Sally Kangas posing at a Prom.

A color photo of Joan Nyholm Bourne at her prom.

A photo of the Kajander's. Hekkala's, and Hilja Katvala in front of the Temperance Hall, Maynard.

A sepia photo of Mr. and Mrs. Kajander sitting on a bench in their elder years.

A series of five photos taken November 1944 during WWII. Three photos appear to include Eino Nyholm.

Three black and white photos of the Maynard Police Officers and Eino Nyholm leading in a parade in Maynard. One photo has two copies. Al Crowley appears in the second photo.

A photo of Eino Nyholm at the Rod and Gun Club with costumed Native Americans. This photo is dated June 13, 1964.

A faded photo of Eino Nyholm in uniform.

A photo of Eino Nyholm in uniform and on duty in Maynard.

A sepia photo of the Maynard Police with Eino Nyholm (front row, 4th from left) and Officer Zopereski (front row, 5th from left).