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The cheerleaders are: Cheryl Murray, Laura Mariani, Denise Bourgeois, Pat Foley, Debbie Beltzer, Kathy Hartnett, Maureen Clancy, Lisa Higgins, Elaine Amante, Jackie Bourgeois, Robin Peterson, Karen Beltzer, Elizabeth Wright, Sally Rose, Janice…

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Steve Ojalehto, Charles (Chuck) Wuorio, Robert Dagerstrom

Two photos of the Maynard High School football team in 1934.

The playrs are from left to right:

Front: R. Chidley, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Ignachuck, E. O'Donnell, A. Sidorovich, A. Koskinen, V. Labowicz
Back: Head Coach A. Lerer, F. Brayden, L.…

Two copies of a sepia photo of the 1931 Maynard High School football team. It is taken at the John A. Crowe Park.

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Front: John Malcom, Ted Bachrack, Frank Ignachuck, Eddie O'Donnell, Robert Duggan, Dick Archer, __ Norgoal

Back: Mr. Al…

Three copies of the Maynard High School football team of 1934.

The players are from left to right:

Front: A. Sidorovich, R. Chidley, A. Koskinen, L. Colombo, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Brayden, E. O'Connell, A. Fraser, F. lgnachuck
Second: Head Coach…

Two photos of the Maynard High School football team in 1933.

The players are from left to right:

Front: Ted Bachrach, Frank Ignachuck
2nd Row: Francis "Hank" Brayden, Francis "Bull" Newan, John Malcolm, Jim Malcolm, John "Speedy" O'Leary, Ed…

An Official Program listing the players of a game between Maynard High School and Hudson High School.

A rather cheeky poster for a late season football game: Hudson vs. Maynard, at Crowe Park. (Candidate years: 1948, 1943, 1937, 1926)

Poster for a Maynard High School vs Stoneham football game. (Year is not known: candidates are 1945, 1934-likely)


Based on what the students are holding, this appears to be a football-related award. Likely Maynard High School.

Dr. Hooper was the medical officer for many years for the Maynard football team.

George Murphy (#85), __ Graceffa (#25), Joey Rezuke (#6x), Wally Mikkonen (#80)

Adults: ?, Bruce Koskinen, ?, Will DeRosa, Jim Duggan


Coaches: Will DeRosa, Jim Duggan, Harry Larsen