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3 photos of the parade, the names on the photos are: Dineen, Foley, Wright, Hanson

6 photos of the parade
Some of the names written on the photos are: Bain, Keough, Wright, Hanson, Spratt, Baron, Dineen, Stockwell

17 photos of the parade

An extensive presentation that includes newspaper clippings, letters, list of soldiers who served, photographs, Welcome Home notes etc...

A collection of documents including:
Application for Renewal of Fuel Oil Ration
V-Fuel Oil Ration Class I Consumer Coupon
War Ration Book Two
Certificate of War Necessity, Commercial Vehicle, Single Unit (1934 Chevy Pickup)
T, T-1 & T-2…

Lists of Maynard soldier who served in the war, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents relative to the war.

Newspaper clippings relative to the war.

Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents relative to the war.

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Coupon for meat, fish, fats, cheeses, gasoline, and cigarettes. Also an extensive newsprint list of prices for goods set by the Office of Price Administration.

A collection of ration books used throughout the war that allowed the owner to acquire controlled items. Also a vinyl case to store the ration card.
The owners in the collection include: Irja Elizabeth Jokela, Charles Frank Warren, Erlene Johanna…

A collection of applications for rationed sugar during the war. The applicants include: Mrs. Henrietta Quinn, Mrs. Laura Quinn, Mary McCook, Madeleine Prue Quirk, Mrs. Michael DeGrappo, Mrs. Ida Delfino, Giacomo DiTurino, Ada Downey, Dorothy E.…

Two booklets published during the war encouraging the careful use of food.

What to do with electric service, gas supply and water service in event that an air raid alert is sounded.

A pamphlet published by the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety designed to aid local committees in establishing and training Air Raid Wardens within their own areas.

An official booklet with songs that the army could use including: The Star Spangled Banner, The Army Air Corp, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Oh! Susana, The Caissons Go Rolling Along and many others.

Six folders contain information relative to Maynard's involvement with World War II including extensive information on the Selective Service (draft) procedure, lists of those who served and died in the war, newspaper clippings, various histories and…

Information about the men from Assabet Village (later Maynard) who serve in the Civil War. Also a detailed biography about James Carney ( 1842-1925) who served in the war, written by Robert J. Kenney, Jr.

The file contains newspaper articles and general information about the construction of the park.

Three folders that contain WWI information relative to Maynard including: Notes by Ralph Sheridan for the History of Maynard Book, lists of Maynard residents who served in the war, newspaper clippings, Ralph Sheridan's musings about a radio…