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Centennial Monograph: Maynard Representatives in General Court


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Centennial Monograph: Maynard Representatives in General Court


Many of the Maynard's early State Representatives were from Maynard. A list and backgrounds of those Representatives in the General Court.


Birger Koski





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Since incorporation of the Town of Maynard in 1871 it has had thirteen representatives on Beacon Hill in General Court. Possibly as Assabet Village (part of Stow and Sudbury) we might have had some Representatives that we are not aware of presently. Up to the 1920's Representatives served for one year - after that for two years. The area Towns served by the Representatives has changed substantially from the early years to the present, as we will note later in this paper. Then, as now, the elections took place in November and the winner began duties the following January.

The first Maynard Representative was John Hillis (I877) - 27th Middlesex District (Maynard. Wayland, Sudbury, Weston). He was an attorney, active in town affairs and helped to draw up the Town Charter.

Alvin D. Russell (1835 & 1888) - 30th Middlesex (Maynard, Acton, Stow, Littleton, Boxboro, Carlisle) - Manager of the Riverside Cooperative Association

James P. Sweeney (1894) - Attorney

Charles H. Persons (I899 & 19OO) - 22nd Middlesex (Maynard, Hudson, Stow, Boxboro) - Piano Store owner; Town Clerk; Concord, Maynard, Hudson Street Railway Organizer. The Piano Store subsequently became Sanderson's (which is still with us).

Patrick J. Sullivan (1905 & 19O6) - Tailor, Selectman. He ran as Republican for 1905 but as an Independent for 19O6. A compact made between the four towns in 1895 decreed that Hudson should name candidate four years, Maynard three years, Stow and Boxboro one year each - 10th year open for grabs. Sullivan wanted another year as a matter of courtesy but the Maynard Republicans did not want him so he ran as an Independent and won. [Maynard News - Aug. 18, 1905, Aug. 10, 1906, Sept. 14, 1906]

Cornelius J. Lynch (1908) - 10th Middlesex (Maynard, Hudson, Stow, Boxboro) - Cigar Manufacturer and Newspaper Reporter. Ran as Democrat.

Albert J. Batley (1910) - Florist. Batley's expenses itemized to Town Clerk: $55.18 [Maynard News, Nov. 12, 1903] Ran as Republican.

Arthur J. Coughlan (1913) - Real Estate ?????, Tax ColJ.ector, Assessor, Fire Chief, Selectman. Ran as Democrat.

Alfred E. McCleary (1914) - Attorney ??????? He was nominally a Republican but ran under Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Progressive Party Label.

George H. Creighton (1915) Creightons Shoe Emporium (store to you), Selectman, President of Maynard Trust.

Leslie W. Sims (1923 through 1932) - two year terms now. Attorney. Ran as Republican

Frank C. Sheridan (1933-34 and 1935 to August 1935) - Smoke Shop Owner, Sheridan’s Orchestra, Assessor. Resigned in August, 1935 to become Post Master. Ran as Democrat.

William C. Stockwell. (Oct. 29, 1935 - 1936 and 1937 - 1938) - Hardware Store, Tax Collector, Selectman. Ran as Republican.

We seem to have fallen on evil days for that year, 1938, was the last year one of our own was Representative.

I am indebted to Ralph Sheridan and the Maynard News of the following dates:

(dates not transcribed)

Read at the September, I968 Meeting of the the Maynard Historical Society.