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Newspaper Article on Co-op Milk 1935
United Cooperative Society

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Newspaper Article on Co-op Milk 1935
United Cooperative Society


An article appearing in the Maynard Enterprise of July 24, 1935 on the results of an investigation of milk pricing by the United Cooperative Society.


July 24, 1935



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An official of the United Cooperative Society gave out the following statement:
"Living as we are in an investigational world literally teeming with boards and organizations established for bringing about improvements in all phases of health and sanitation, it is really most astounding to be reminded of the fact that one is marketing a too superior product at too low a price.
"Due to a complaint made by an anonymous person to the Milk Control Board, Herbert R. Bond, supervisior of Investigations recently visited the Diary of the United Cooperative Society of Maynard and voiced his opinion that the milk sold by the United Cooperative Society containing 4.15 per cent butter fat and 13-14 per cent solid content should be retailed for 14 cents rather than the present price of 13 cents per quart.
'This is indeed a surprise to this organization which has always maintained that the consumer who is the ultimate user should be given a full measure of satisfaction for his money. It has always been the practice of the United Cooperative Society of Maynard to handle its milk in the most sanitary way, properly pasteurized and cooled, with the best of equipment to insure the consumer a product of superior quality at as low a price as possible.
"Evidently a complaint of this type did not emanate from an individual who has the interests of the consumer at heart. Most of us are aware that it is a problem to avoid practices of adulteration and chicancery which keep continually cropping into business practice. Inferiority in quality is not the goal of the United Cooperative Society, for, being a consumer owned organization there would be no gain for it to cheat itself"
The official continued and said: "This statement is not aimed at any individual or organization. It is merely an open statement of fact which I think the consumer is entitled to know. It is nothing more than the presentation of the truth that is so lamentably lacking in so many businesses whose sole goal is profit and not service as exemplified by the Consumers Cooperative movement. It is merely a trend toward consumer education which has gained such great favor among Better Business Bureaus, Consumer Councils and other organizations who are trying to lift the consumer from the abyss of misrepresentation in a turbulent economic world."
The United Cooperative Society started 28 years ago in a small store to supply a small group. It has had steady growth until today it is the largest business organization in the town and one of the most successful cooperatives in the country. Last year its total volume of business exceeded $320,000 and the first six months of this year the volume was far in excess of the same period last year.

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