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The banquet was held as part of the homecoming ceremonies of Maynard Centennial Week.

Taken at Alumni Field, Maynard, Mass.
Paul Stein, 1st row, 4th from right

l to r
Back Row: W. Pennimen, J. McDonald, P. Koponen, D. Higgins, P. Kivikoski, J. Robinson, G. Robinson, P. Hogan, R. Ojalehto

2nd Row from back: H. Wolik, J. Yanchewski, William Gruber, N. Popienuck, A. Cutaia, V. Russo, R. Spurrell, F.…

A color photo of the Class of 1948 at its 50th Reunion dated October 24, 1998. Graduate class of Jean Stein Brady.

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Paul Stein: top row, 2nd from right

Miss Murray is the teacher.

Paul Stein: Next to top row, 5th from right

Miss Higgins is the teacher.

l to r, from the top:

1st row: G. Christiansen, A. Olson. A. Colombo, D. Chernak, B. Hansen. S. Wilcox, B. O'Toole, V. Krysieniel, N. Chodynicky, E. Manninen, L. Manninen, D. Hoffman, J. Stein

2nd row: E. Johnson, P. Murphy, R. Corcoran, B.…

Unknown year, grade, students and teacher at the Bancroft Street school.

Kindergarten was held during WWII to allow the parents to work in the mill.

EPSON020 e(2).jpg
A black and white photo of the Maynard High School Football Team, dated 1936 on the football.

A black and white photo of Grade 1 in the Bancroft St. School, dated 1941. Naomi Boothroyd is in the third row (from the bottom), seventh child from the far left. If you can identify others please contact the Maynard Historical Society.

A photo of Grade 6 in the Bancroft School dated 1941.

Barbara Bowse is in the 1st (front) row, 7th from left (before the two boys)

Dorothy Boothroyd is in the 2nd row, 7th from left (last girl in row).

If others can be identified please…

The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. letter soliciting business from the Maynard schools.

The actors include: Leo Mullin, Impi Klemola, Sylvia Ahola, George Tucker, Edward Fearns, Maurice White, Samuel Gilman, Jeannette Johnston, Sirkka Koivu

Front row: Third from left, George Whalen
2nd row: First on left, Alice Mullen
3rd row: Fifth from left, Madeline Lukashod, Sixth from left, James Boothroyd; Tenth from left, Edward Gately
Back row: Seventh from left, Russell Edwards

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