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A formal, sepia-colored photo of Mary Holt,

Stage curtain is canvas on a wooden roll which was raised and lowered via pulleys. The photo is undated but electicity was availabe (see light bulbs), sometime after 1900.

On floor, 2nd from left: Elli Yuojarvi
3rd row (standing) l to r: Pekka…

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Front : Jim Lucchesi, John Ojalehto
2nd: Frithioff Tofferi, Jesse Sikila, Ivar Sjoblom, William Lehto, William Sjublois, Victor Hotakainen, Oskar Tofferi, Oskar Ahola, Katti Ruska, Toivo Frigard, Hjalkar Saarinen, William Kickola,

The hall was built by the Finnish Workingmen's Socialist Society in 1909 and enlarged in 1916. It was used for dances, meetings, sports and dramatics. The top photo shows the Imatra Band in front of the balcony.

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A formal, sepia-colored photo of Selma Pirkola.

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Front: (on floor) Leslie Rivers, Roy Helander
1st row: Saimi Korsman, Mrs. Rahkonen, Hanna Weckstrom, Mrs. Anderson, Alma Saaristo, Saima Helander (with daughter Vivian), Mrs. Stansfield, Sandra Leivo, Mari Torppa, Helmi Ruotsala
2nd row:…

A course given by __ Lassila, visiting director at the Parker Street Hall.

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Front: ___?, Into Kallio, Hebry Salmela, Albert Kouppi, __Kangas, Ed Helander, ___?, ___?, Kaleva Tofferi, ___?

2nd: Irene Anderson, __ Sahlsten, Lauri Manning,…


A black and white copy of a photo of the Tarmo Athletic Club Gymnastic Team, dated 1907.

Variously referred to as the "Finnish National Band" and the "1st Temperance Society Band"

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Front Row: Pekka Pekkala, Hugo Kajander, Matti Sarvela, Matti Hekkala, ___?, ___?, Erick Huikari, John Forssi

Center Row: Oskari Saari, __Hilden,…

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A formal photo of Mr. & Mrs. Aalto by C. D. Holmes, Maynard, MA.


A formal, sepia-colored photo of Mr. & Mrs. Mikkola.

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Front Row: Lotto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiaza, John Forssi, ___?

Center Row: Matti Saruela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, ___?

Back Row: Sam Ruotsala, Hugo Kajander, ___?, Mikko Hilpakka,…

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A photo of the shot-putting contest at the Finnish Summer Festival.

Front Row: John Ojalehto, Frank Mark, Hjalmar Nieminen, ___?, ___?, Gustaf Linna, John Pulkkinen

2nd Row: __Seura, Senja Honkonen,N. H. Nystrom, ___?, Otto Fonsell , ___?, Waino Linna

3rd Row: ___?, Mrs Kammonen (?), John Kammonen, Lempi Mark,…

Three copies of a photo of the Finnish Workingmen's Society Athletic Group, dated 1926.
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Front (on floor): ___?, __ Heikkila
1st row: ___?, Kalle Ahola, Axel Salmi, John Kammonen, Edward Helander, Svante Kukkula, L. Warila, __Kanervo,…

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Front: ___? ___?, Otto Fonsell, Mari Salmi, ___?, Reino Vuojarvi
2nd: ___?, Mary Salenius, ___?, Ida Jokinen, Annie Korsman, George Kansanniva, John Helander
Back: ___?, ___?, Lauri Jokinen, ___?, ___?, ___?

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