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Four photos of the Nason Street School Fire, 1916, and four photos the Naylor Block Fire,1917, pasted on black paper.
Naylor Block Fire: Fire broke out in the night of February 11, 1917 and by the morning had destroyed the Naylor Block that…

The class picture was taken in front of the 2nd Nason Street School that was destroyed by fire in 1916. It is the site of the Library (Roosevelt School).

Views of the ruins the morning after the school was completely destroyed by a fire on September 21, 1916. This is the second Nason Street School, built in 1892. The foundation was retained for the 3rd Nason Street School, The Theodore Roosevelt…

A sepia picture taken in front of the second Nason Street School. Alice Nagle - 2nd from left, back row.

Grade and year are unknown.
Eva Edwards (Frye), 1st row, 4th from left.

Grade and year are not known.
Jennie Laitala is girl with the "x".

Several of the students here are listed as graduates in the Class of 1911.

l to r
Front: Grace Carr, Marcella Sullivan, Ruth Robbins, ___?, Laura McPherson, Vera Lawton, Pauline Bent, Florence Whittaker, May Riley, Janette Taylor, Jessie…

This is the 2nd Nason Street School. The Roosevelt School - Library stands on the site now. The man standing in the front is William Priest, a custodian and veteran of the Civil War. This photo was likely taken a short time after construction.…

A sepia photo of a class in the Nason St. School, ca 1910.

The students are from left to right:

Front (10) : Harold Sullivan, Gavin Taylor, ___?, ___?, ___?, ___?, ___?, Esther Lowney, Edna Cheney, ___?

2nd (9): Theresa Shannahan, Grace…

Teacher is Miss Anne Burke

Names written on photo: Slyvert, Case, Swanson, Webster, Croft, Priest, Herbert, Brown, Park, Archer, Sweeney, DeGrappo, Hekkla, Laurila, Vodolkys, Colombo, Croft, Wolf, Boothroyd, McAuslin, Miskito, Gruber, Clark