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A pair of Army boots issued to Antonio S. Terrasi during WW II. This item is part of a WW II Army memorabilia collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

Adolfe Waluck
S/Sgt United States Army Air Corps
563rd Bomb Squadron
388th Bomb Group
8th Air Force

Born: 1916
Died: Apr 9, 1944

Adolfe was a B-17 right waist gunner who died on a mission over Germany. He was 28 years old. After a bombing…

A pamphlet published by the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety designed to aid local committees in establishing and training Air Raid Wardens within their own areas.

Alexander Chernack
S/Sgt United States Army Air Corps
744th Bomb Squadron 456th Bomb Group
15th Air Force
Born; Jan 7, 1924
Died: Apr 25, 1944

Alex was a tail gunner aboard a B-24 Liberator with the 15th Air Force. He joined in February of…

Alfred J. Lalli
T3 United States Army
52nd Armored Infantry Battalion
9th Armored Division

Born: Nov 16, 1918
Died: Jan 24, 1945

The 52nd Armored Infantry Battalion received a Distinguished Unit Citation for action at Bastogne, France,…

2014-12-03 11.14.23 e.jpg
The American Red Cross passed out various items for WW II soldiers in battle by using a cotton pouch for distribution. This item is part of an Army WW II collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

Antonio S. Terrasi was born on September 11, 1922 and passed away on Friday, March 14, 2008.
Antonio was a resident of Maynard, Massachusetts.
The honorary document is signed by George W. Bush.

A collection of applications for rationed sugar during the war. The applicants include: Mrs. Henrietta Quinn, Mrs. Laura Quinn, Mary McCook, Madeleine Prue Quirk, Mrs. Michael DeGrappo, Mrs. Ida Delfino, Giacomo DiTurino, Ada Downey, Dorothy E.…

A certificate awarded to Mr & Mrs. John Higgins recognizing the greatest number of family members serving in WWII.

MHS-ammo e.jpg
An Army ammunition pouch, with the name H. Mattonen printed on it. This pouch is part of a WW II Army memorabilia collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

An official booklet with songs that the army could use including: The Star Spangled Banner, The Army Air Corp, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Oh! Susana, The Caissons Go Rolling Along and many others.

2014-12-03 12.10.24 e.jpg
An Army WW II winter coat made from heavy-duty wool.

Aubrey W. Leard
PFC United States Army
L Company
377th Infantry
95th Division

Born: Nov 12, 1912
Died: Nov 16, 1944

Aubrey had been in the service for nine months. He had anine day furlough in May, and another short one in July, before…

Bronislaw F. Kodzis
Private United States Army
G Company
121st Infantry
8th Division

Born: May 16, 1916
Died: July 18, 1944

Bronislaw had lived at 4 Burnside Street with his mother and three siblings. He was 28 years old, inducted into the…

How the Town of Maynard was affected and responded to World War II.

Charles Linkiewicz
PFC United States Army
311th Infantry
78th Division

Born: Sep 25, 1919
Died: April 8, 1945

Charles is buried in the family plot at the Polish cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Early information was that he, along with…

A collection of documents including:
Application for Renewal of Fuel Oil Ration
V-Fuel Oil Ration Class I Consumer Coupon
War Ration Book Two
Certificate of War Necessity, Commercial Vehicle, Single Unit (1934 Chevy Pickup)
T, T-1 & T-2…

Chester G. Carson
Private United States Army
L Company, 377th Infantry 95th Division
Born: Aug 27, 1917
Died: Nov 28, 1944

Chester's regiment crossed into Germany on the 28th of November. He died near Saarbrueken, Germany. He was 27 years…

Chief Priest demonstrates use of inhalator to Civil Defense personnel.

At the corner of Acton and Glendale Street was a collecting point for scrap metal to be recycled for the war effort. Sign reads Official Salvage.

Alice Hanson Pillivant is pulling the wagon. To her right is James T. Hanson.