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MHS 2013.371 Textile 7.jpg
A green World War II Army jacket with the name of Schnair imprinted on the collar. Mr. Peter Schnair was a resident of Maynard, MA.

A WW II Army jacket belonging to Sgt. Antonio S. Terrasi of Maynard.

Picture taken on Main Street looking east.

This jacket was worn by Gino Pierozzi who saw considerable action. An Army jacket from World War II.

2014-12-03 11.10.33e.jpg
An Army hat included in a collection of WW II military memorabilia from Antonio S. Terrasi.

William F. Palmer
PFC United States Army
F Company
182nd Infantry American Division

Born: 1919
Died: Nov 21, 1942

Bill had been in the Army almost two years, having joined in March 1941. In the last letter to his motlier, dated October 30,…

William J. O’Toole
Private United States Army
D Company
121st Infantry
8th Division

Died: Sep 16,1944

Bill enlisted in December 18. 1943. He enjoyed his first furlough with his wife and children on Sudbury Street in May 1944. He then…

William F. Callahan
Private United State Army Air Corps
Born: 1908
Died: Ju! 27, 1943

Bill was 35 years old and only in the service for 12 days. He died at Army Camp in Greensboro. North Carolina.

The portrait is on display in the Maynard…

A collection of ration books used throughout the war that allowed the owner to acquire controlled items. Also a vinyl case to store the ration card.
The owners in the collection include: Irja Elizabeth Jokela, Charles Frank Warren, Erlene Johanna…

poster edit.jpg
A collection of posters sent to Maynard Selective Service or Post Office encouraging the purchasing of bonds to finance the war.

Walter Zancewicz was aboard the first ship, Marine Serpent, that entered Pearl Harbor after the bombing of December 7, 1941. The second photo is the ship.

Vincent P. Labowicz, Jr.
Lieutenant United States Army
D Company
116th Infantry
29th Division

Born: Jul 26, 1917
Died: June 6, 1944

Vincent was 27 years old and had been overseas for two years.
Battle plans as of May 1944 listed Dog…

Coupon for meat, fish, fats, cheeses, gasoline, and cigarettes. Also an extensive newsprint list of prices for goods set by the Office of Price Administration.

Two green/brown, woolen, medical blankets manufactured for the US Military by the American Woolen Company.

Thomas F. Lanigan
Private United States Army
182nd Infantry
Americal F Division

Born: 1911
Died: Nov 28, 1942

Tom was 31 years old and graduated from Maynard High School class of 1931.

Tom was a company cook. Per consensus of a number of…

Stanley Tomyl
PFC United States Army
L Company
17th Infantry
7th Division

Died: Jan 1, 1945

A letter from a Company Commander indicated that Stanley's patrol had been ambushed. He sacrificed himself by drawing enemy fire away from…

A collection of ration coupons including War Ration Books One, Two and Three, Fuel Oil Ration, United Co-operative Butter Card, V-Fuel Oil Ration and Sugar Ration.

This service flag was made by James Ledyard, Sr. He had three boys serving in WW II: William, James, and John.

Reino Jokinen
S/Sgt United States Army
15th Armored Infantry
5th Armored Division

Died: Dec 21,1944

Reino entered the service on February’ 24, 1942. His unit was fighting along the northern rim of the Battle of the Bulge, which…

Raymond A. Loija
T/Sgt US Army Air Corps
334th Bomb Squadron
95th Bomb Group
8th Air Force

Died: Dec 29, 1943

Ray entered the service in June 1942. He flew the B-17 Flying Fortress as a Radio Operator.

He came home for a short…