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A photo of the MHS Football Team in 1935.

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Front: George Chyzus, M. O'Connor, J. Bakum, J. Bandalewicz, A. Columbo, __O'Donnell

Center: A. Chyzus, W. O'Toole, __Saari, __Rutanen, ___?, P. Connors

Back: ___?, Al Cowles

This team was the champion in both the Midland and Middlesex Leagues.

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Front: Newton, James Malcolm, ___?, Hintsa, Arcisz, O'Leary, Groundahl, Smith.
Center: O'Donnell, Johnson, Swartz, Mullin, Tamulevich, Captain Spratt, Buckacsz,…

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Front: Fraser Forgie, Walter Jones, Howard Clark, Albert Lerer, __Kierstead, George Grondale, Andrew (Joe) Mitzcavitch

Back: Ed Coughlin (coach), Hugo Saarinen, Arne Frigard, Maurice Stuckert, James Bakum, Waino Saarinen, Horace Bates…

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Front: ___?, Matthew King, ___?, __O'Donnell

Center: Coach Ed Coughlin, Joseph Mitzcavitch, Albert Lerer, M. Stuckert, Fraser Forgie, Walter Jones, A.R.C. Cole (Principal)

Back: Joe Kamish, H. Barlow, W. Ojekehto, Aine Frigard, J.…

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Front: William Maley, Everett Wilson, Terrance Brady
Center: Walter Davis, John Lawton, Chris Wilson, Arthur Drew
Back: Louis Johnson, Wilkie Crossley, John Veitch, Joe Gately

The players are from left to right:

Front: George Savikoski, Armas Frigard, Reino Keto

Center: George Lowney, Charles Lerer, Robert Parkin, Martin Gruber, John Driscoll

Back: Patrick Hines (coach and teacher), Maurice Feinberg, Hugo…

A photo of the Champions of both the Middlesex League and the Midland League.

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Front:___?, Jim Malcolm, Paul Kendra, Ova Hinson, ___?, John Leary, ___?, ___?

Center: 2nd from right, Fred Thompson; last on right, Fred Johnson

Back: Don…

Two copies of a sepia photo of the 1931 Maynard High School football team. It is taken at the John A. Crowe Park.

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Front: John Malcom, Ted Bachrack, Frank Ignachuck, Eddie O'Donnell, Robert Duggan, Dick Archer, __ Norgoal

Back: Mr. Al…

Two photos of the Maynard High School football team in 1933.

The players are from left to right:

Front: Ted Bachrach, Frank Ignachuck
2nd Row: Francis "Hank" Brayden, Francis "Bull" Newan, John Malcolm, Jim Malcolm, John "Speedy" O'Leary, Ed…

Two photos of the Maynard High School football team in 1934.

The playrs are from left to right:

Front: R. Chidley, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Ignachuck, E. O'Donnell, A. Sidorovich, A. Koskinen, V. Labowicz
Back: Head Coach A. Lerer, F. Brayden, L.…

Three copies of the Maynard High School football team of 1934.

The players are from left to right:

Front: A. Sidorovich, R. Chidley, A. Koskinen, L. Colombo, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Brayden, E. O'Connell, A. Fraser, F. lgnachuck
Second: Head Coach…

A sepia photo of the MHS Footbball Team in 1932 as the Midland League Champions.

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Front: O'Toole, Murphy, John Malcolm, M. Ignachuk, R. Duggan, Archer, Thompson

2nd: Smith, Grondal, Kendar, Hintsa, Jim Malcolm, J. O'Leary


Two photos, one sepia and one copy, of the Middlesex Champion Football League in 1938.

Middlesex League Champions
Midland League Champions

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Front: R. Bamford, C. D'Anata, E. Saaristo, l. Toivonen, D. O'Leary, W.Nyholm, J.…

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Front by the numbers:
1-Wolik (?); 12-Max Gruber; 4-Sam (Edward) Sarvela; 10-___?; 2-J. Tobin (?); 76-Donald Hansen; 87-Frank Spence; 3-Carl Maki; 9-Albert Crowley; 6-C. (Harold) Lyons

2nd: ___?; J.Seigal (?), Ed Ledgard, Ed Hopper…

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Front: Sam (Edwin) Sarvela, Donald Hansen, Frank Spence, Alan (Carl) Maki, Arthur LeSage, Max Gruber, __Waluck (?), John Tobin

Back: Mike Vodoklys, Richard Flaherty, John Emro, Albert Crowley, Harold Lyons, ___?, Edward Ledgard, Dick…

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Front: Thomas Duggan, Ralph Martino, Bruce Warila, Dick Grigas, Russ Forsythe, Jim Duggan, Ray Peterson, Albert Carlson, Bob Jarmulowicz, Karl Larsen, Phil Williams, Donald Boothroyd

2nd: Coach Will DeRosa, ___?, Fred Chandler, John…

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Front: Coach Fran Collins, Lenny Massarelli, Jim Bakum, Mark Nelson, Ed Rogers, Bob Viola, Ed Cuddy, Alex Kulevich, Albert Alexanian

2nd: Fred Mariani, Don Torppa, George Shaw, Bob Konowicz, Reino Niemi, Ray Peterson, Bob Jarmulowicz,…