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A Journal celebrating the Jubilee Year of the St. Bridget's Parish, Maynard, MA - August 7,8,9, 1919.

A Program for the Holy Name Society of St. Bridget's Parish Second Annual Minstrel Show, at the Parker Street Hall, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, April 7, 8, 9, 1947. The show was directed by Ethel F. Hannon, and Music by Mrs. Joseph P. Dineen.

A Program for the St. Bridget Holy Name Society Minstrel Show on February 25, 26, 27, 1946.

A program for the Maynard Catholic Union Inauguration, hosted at Co-Operative Hall, Tuesday Evening, May 1, 1900.

Two St. Bridget's Rosary and Scapular Society membership cards for Mary Coughlin and Kate Coughlin, 1887, as issued by Rev. M.J.McCall, Pastor.

A savings account record of St. Bridget's Catholic Temperance & Benevolent Society, from 1914-1923, recorded by the Assabet Institution for Savings, Maynard.

A St. Bridget Parish Sunday School Attendance Card, 1910, for Vincent Kelly of 2 Pine Street, Maynard, MA, including Rules of the Sunday School.

A Program for a play sponsored by the St. Bridget's Parish Players, March 28, 29, 30, 1945.

A Program for a comedy presented by the St. Bridget's Parish Players on March 16 & 17, 1937, 8:00 PM, at the Maynard High School Auditorium.

A Program for an Irish Minstrel Show produced by St. Bridget's Parish Players, March 19, 1934, 8:15 PM, held at Colonial Hall, Maynard.

An agenda for a celebration honoring World War I returning soldiers and sailors from St. Bridget's Parish, Wednesday, April 23, 1919.

An agenda for the evening's program for the Silver Jubilee of St. Bridget Parish, 1894-1919, at Colonial Hall.

The convent was located at the corner of Taylor Road and Great Road. The sign on the lawn promotes "Atlantic City Night" to support the St. Bridget's school.

A list of "Our Spiritual Leaders" who served at St. Bridget's Parish.

A published document showing the parishioners and the amount of donation for Nov. 1907.

A diploma certifying that Mary Burke has "honorably completed the prescribed course of study in the St. Bridget's Sunday School."

Signed by the Rev. John A. Crowe, Director

Two photographs showing the cast of plays presented by the young people of St. Bridget's Parish. The priest shown in both pictures is possibly the Rev. George S. Brennan.

A certificate indicating that Mary has successfully completed instruction in Christian Doctrine, signed by Rev. D. Edward O'Bryan, Pastor.

Msgr. Callahan was assigned to St. Bridget's Parish in 1959. The "40th Anniversary of the Ordination to the Holy Priesthood of Christ" held at Alphonse's Powder Mill Restaurant.