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This is a copy of the original deed of the land sold at the corner of Percival Street and Sudbury Street by Amory Maynard to John Joseph Williams, Pastor, for $747.98.

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Front row: __?, __?, Margaret Maley, __?, __?, John Murray

2nd row: William Punch, __?, Fr. Albert Crowley, __?, Jim Mullin, __?
Back row: Jim Hilferty, __?, Francis White, Mike Murray, Mike Mullin, __?

left photo
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Front: Marian May, Ellen Sheridan, Marjorie Paul, Ruth Manning

Back: Mary Stades, Marie Sheridan, Eleanor Martin, Ella Charpentier, Genevieve Lynch. Constance Stigliani, Mrs. Gately Evelyn Mulcahy

Right photo are…

A black and white photo of the school taken in 1970. The school was built in 1965.

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Front: Jim Mahoney, Jim McGill

Center: Bill Cleary, Dan Colbert, Mgr.; Jack Collins

Back: Joe Tucker, Matt Campbell, Jim Ledgard

A sepia photo of the St. Bridget's Temerance Society Basketball Team.
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Front: Edward Ledgard, John McCormack, Emmett Riley
Back: Frank Rollinson, Hazel Crowley, William Cleary, Cornelius Callahan, Joseph Donahue

Two St. Bridget's Rosary and Scapular Society membership cards for Mary Coughlin and Kate Coughlin, 1887, as issued by Rev. M.J.McCall, Pastor.

The first photo was from 1884 and the second one from 1970.

Photos taken from Front Street.

The church is seen from the Percival Street side. The water in front was later filled in order to build the parochial school.

Three views of the church illustrating the building in 1871, 1884 & 1981. The first drawing (1871) is the original church which was located on Main Street close to the present Town Building. The other two illustrations is the church on Percival…

Left photo: Rev. Crowley

Center photo: Rev.McGrail (Born - 1892; Ordained - 1918; Died - 1923)

Right photo: Rev. Mcgrail and his brother, Aloysius, as young boys on Maple Street. ca 1900

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Top: Rev. Walter E. Brown, 1909-17; Parish Rectory; Rev. Edward F. Crowley, 1918-1930; Rev. Charles McGuire (Sweeney?); Rev. John A. Crowe, 1894-1905

Bottom: Rev. John McHugh, 1917-18; St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Acton (which was…

Unknown speaker at a meeting of the St. Bridget's Holy Name Society.

A sepia photo of the St. Bridget's Holy Name Junior Baseball Team, dated 1921.
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Front: Bill Kitowicz, Norm Sims, Father Sweeney, Joe Wardzala, Joe Boulden, Jim Howes
Center: Harry Tobin, Jack Connors, Mike Vodoklys, Frank Kamish, Francis…

The convent was located at the corner of Taylor Road and Great Road. The sign on the lawn promotes "Atlantic City Night" to support the St. Bridget's school.

A sepia photo of the St. Bridget's Children of Mary, along with Fr. Walsh.

A program for the Centennial Mass at St. Bridget Church on November 1, 1981.