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A collection of pictures from the class of 57'.
All photos identified left to right, top to bottom

1st grouping: Paul Boothroyd, Dick Carlton, Paul Crotty, Judy Kavelesky, Jimmy Lydon, Jimmy Fundahn, Shirley Marsh, Howard Dooley, Meredith…

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Top: Reino A. Tuomanen, Frederick J. Keegan, Walter Askirta, Edward S. Bobik, Ralph E. Whitney, Joseph W. Petrowsky, Stanley J. Zwirbla, Paul W. Hogman, George E. Ryan, Victor W. Lally, Felix P. Lickoral, Frank L. Makrecky, Elias B.Hiltunen,…

A black and white photo of the Maynard Jr. High School Glee Club in 1964.

Front Row (14): Arthur Dunn, Kathy Colombo, ___?, Charlie Saisa, Rick Mason, Frankie LeMoine, Randy Sousa, Mike Eannuzzo, Keith McKenna, Mike Erkinnen, Bobby Barilone, Tiny…

A sepia photo of the Maynard High School Baseball team of 1938. The season statistics were: won 9, lost 11.

Two photos, one sepia and one black and white, of the Maynard High School Field Hockey Team in 1938.

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Front: ___, Dot Hansen, Helen Sofka, ___, Dorothy Simila, ___, ___.

Back: Annie Rolynowicz, ___, Mary Gallagher, Geraldine Hatch,…

This is a photo of Freshman students in the Class of 1944, taken in the George Washington Auditorium, Summer Street.

Three photos used in the 1949 "Screech Owl", the Maynard High School yearbook.

Top Photo: Fashionable Seniors
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Standing: Anna Johnson, Anna Belli, Ann Thompson, Ann Hinds, Ann Luker,
Seated: Nancy Stalker, Nancy Weskstrom, Shirley…

MHS 1936-1.jpeg
Top: l to r
Paul Batulin, Richard Elson
Bottom: l - r
Anthony Grigas, Aaro Hyden

MHS CO 1936-2.jpeg
Top: l to r
Fred Keegan, Charles Kulevich
Bottom: l - r
Frank Makrecky, Benny Mikatajcis

Center in rectangles (6): J. P. King, Principal; M. Cassorie, Faculty; J. Malcolm, President; B. Slieck, Vice President; F. Fearns, Secretary; W. Sweeney, Treasurer

Columns, Top to Bottom
1th: F. Quinn, W. Laasanen, J. Raliey, H. Johnson, J.…

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Top: A. Glickman, E. Donahue, A. Sebastinowicz, J. Wojtkiewicz, W. Loiko, E. Kitowicz

2nd: V. Weir, J. Gudzinowicz, A. Asciukiewicz, M. Hyden, A. Sinicki, M. Kangas, D. White, A. Arcieri, U. Aho

3rd: B. Tobin, E. Heinonen, L. Shubelka,…

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Top: Donald Priest, James Fraser
Bottom: Veronica Arciszewski, Adolph Kurowski

Center: Mr. A. Lerer, Principal; Miss Ruth Bradley, Faculty Advisor
J. Carbary, Secretary; E. Higgins, Treasurer; W. LaSage, President; L. Arciszewski, Vice President

By columns, top to bottom:
1st from left: A. Ayotte, A. Chernak, E. Carruth,…

A photo of the MHS Football Team in 1935.

This was originally the old John Whitman place (farm) on Summer Street. It was purchased by the town in 1915 from Dr. Frank Rich for the purpose of building a high school. The house is now located on Florida Road and is currently a two family…