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A photo of the MHS Football Team in 1935.

This was originally the old John Whitman place (farm) on Summer Street. It was purchased by the town in 1915 from Dr. Frank Rich for the purpose of building a high school. The house is now located on Florida Road and is currently a two family…

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Front: James Eaton, Theresa Murray, Mary Driscoll, Florence Gustafson, Mildred Carlson, Waino Tervo

Back: Charles DiStasio, Maude Cameron, Percy Dunlop, Gavin Taylor, John Donahue, Rachel Gates, Lauri Williams

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Front: Josephine DiStasio, Genevieve Cleary, Patricia Higgins, Gertrude Moore

Second: Lillian Garlick, James Croft, Hazel Nelson, Merton Merrick, Rose McManus, Grant Denniston, Mildred Jones

Third:Caroline Herbert, Florence Wilder,…

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Front: Walter Jones, George Grondahl

Center: Arne Ingrid, Fraser Forgie, Ray Marsden, Frank Vodokly, George Lowney

Back: ___?, Horace Bates (Principal), __Driscoll, __Schofield, Paul Sims, __Case

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Front: Fraser Forgie, Walter Jones, Howard Clark, Albert Lerer, __Kierstead, George Grondale, Andrew (Joe) Mitzcavitch

Back: Ed Coughlin (coach), Hugo Saarinen, Arne Frigard, Maurice Stuckert, James Bakum, Waino Saarinen, Horace Bates…

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Front: Ruth Veitch, Doris Miller

Second: Florence Jackson, Mary Vodoklys (Vice President), John Driscoll (President), Loretta Mullin (Secretary), Elizabeth Herbert (Treasurer), Alice Murphy, Leo O'Brien

Third: May Waterhouse, Grace…

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Back: Coach Ed Coughlin, J. Mitzcavitch, W. Ojelhto, Fraser Forgie, George Lowney, J. Marcus, A.R.C. Cole (Principal)

Center: George Grondahl, M. Stuckert, A. Frigard, P. Sims, Waino Saarinen,

Front: Albert Lerer, manager;…

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Front: ___?, Matthew King, ___?, __O'Donnell

Center: Coach Ed Coughlin, Joseph Mitzcavitch, Albert Lerer, M. Stuckert, Fraser Forgie, Walter Jones, A.R.C. Cole (Principal)

Back: Joe Kamish, H. Barlow, W. Ojekehto, Aine Frigard, J.…

James P. King, Principal; Ann Pasakarnis, Class Advisor

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Top: Benhardt Pekkala, Robert Katvala, John May, Lauri Pekkala, John Trachim, John Jakusik, Charles Pleskowicz, Jr., Charles Blanchard, Paul Koski
2nd: Edward Chodynicky, Harold…

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Front: John E. White, Julia Wordzala, Edwin Carlton, Dorothy Gruber, Herman Johnston, Jennie Hekkala, ___?, ___?, Charles Manty

Second: ___?, ___?, ___?, Margaret O'Connor, ___?, ___?, Gertrude Autio, Thelma Veitch, Celia Gruber, Marie…

A photo of the Maynard High School Glee Club, 1929.
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Front: Ethel Lovely, Jane Boicourt, Laura Grandell, Julia White, Mary Howe, Vieno Rahkonen

Second: Alice Smith, Ruth Hull, Marie Smith, Dorothy Allen, Ruth Bradley, Signe Kivinen,…

This team was coached by Don Lent winning the Middlesex League championship that year.

A sepia photo of the Maynard High School girls basketball team in 1929.

The players are from left to right:

Front: Catherine Coughlan, Taimi Nylund, Elizabeth Murray, Virginia Lawson, Mary Kane

Back: Helen Sczerzen, Edith Perkins, George…

A sepia photo of the Class Officers in 1923.

The students are from left to right:

Front: Catherine E. Murray, Fraser R. Forgie, Irga Esther Grondahl, Beaton R. Willington

Back: Frances Nordberg ___?, Mildred Mullin, ___?, Jennie Hardy, ___?

The players are from left to right:

Front: George Savikoski, Armas Frigard, Reino Keto

Center: George Lowney, Charles Lerer, Robert Parkin, Martin Gruber, John Driscoll

Back: Patrick Hines (coach and teacher), Maurice Feinberg, Hugo…