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Sold in 1900 in connection with Merchant's Week by Alfred T. Haynes General Merchandise Store (117 Main Street, Maynard). The creamer depicts the Assabet Mfg. Co.

porcelain 009.JPG
In May 1900 the Merchants of Maynard put on a week and held it at the Music Hall. All had a display of their merchandise. Admiral Sampson, hero of Santiago in the Spanish-American War was the principle guest. The cup depicts a school building.

porcelain 006.JPG
Souvenir used during Merchant's Week in May 1900. The cup was made in Germany for the Alfred T. Haynes Co. It depicts St. Bridgets Church.

porcelain 005.JPG
The mustard cup was produced for the May 1900 Merchant Week celebration. There is a depiction of St. Bridgets Church on the cup.

Porcelains 013e.jpg
2 1/2 in high China cup, looks like might have been used to pour syrup.

Porcelains 011e.jpg
Five inch high vase made for the Combination Cash Store Company which was operated by a Mr. Crosby on the ground floor of the Masonic Block in the early 1900's.

Porcelains 001e.jpg
Eight inch high pitcher with cover embossed with a picture of the "ASSABET MFG. CO. MAYNARD, MASS., L. MAYNARD AGT." was sold by the Alfred T. Haynes c.1900.

Porcelains 010e.jpg
This collection of China was made in Germany for the Alfred T. Haynes store and sold during Merchant Week in 1900. Embossed on the pieces are pictures of St. Bridget's Church, Nason Street School, Assabet Mills, Maynard Fire Department (old Nason…

Porcelains 004e.jpg
Made in Germany for the Alfred T. Haynes Co. and sold during Merchant Week of 1900.

Porcelains 005e.jpg
Made in Germany for the Alfred T. Haynes Co. and sold at the Music Hall for the 1900 Merchant Week.

Centennial Mug 1.JPG
A large ceramic mug created for Maynard's centennial celebration in 1971. The 5.25-inch tall mug is imprinted with the Maynard Centennial Medal logo.