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The water has been lowered in order to repair foundations at the mill buildings. A trestle used during WW 1 is exposed . This trestle was used to support a water flume to carry water to the boiler room while #1 mill was being built in 1917 and 1918


Shows the Mill complex with the mill pond in the foreground and the pond outflow gate.

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A photo of the Assabet Mills, Building #1, in 1918.

A photo of the Assabet Mills and millpond.

A picture of the Millpond. In order to make the river a more stable source of power, Amory Maynard bought from Haman Smith a strip of land connecting the river to the mill area. Artemus Whitney, a close associate of Maynard's, dug a canal that led…

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After the Millpond was drained so that the foundation for the new No. 1 mill building could be laid, a wooden flume was constructed to carry water from Sudbury Street to the mill.

Photograph of Assabet Mills taken from Front Street in 1905.

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Photograph of the Assabet Mills complex and millpond taken in the early 1900s. Note the black smoke from the chimney.

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Photograph of the Assabet Mills of the American Woolen Company taken in early 1900s. Note that the mill pond is frozen and covered with snow. Also note that there is set of 12 train cars running along the back side of the pond.

Photograph of the mill complex at night (with reflection in the mill pond) taken in 1971 when Digital Equipment Corporation was running at "top speed".

Photograph of Maynard and Mill Complex taken from Summer Hill. Note dual smokestacks on the mill and the Main Street School on the right.

This picture taken from the hill (now a parking lot)

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