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The original water works for the Town of Maynard consisted of White Pond, 3 miles south in the Town of Hudson and Stow, and a pipe connecting the pond to a pumping station in Maynard (now Winter Street). The water flowed through a 15" clay pipe from…

Donald Lent was born in Tiverton, Nova Scotia, Canada. HIs parents were Charles and Harriet Lent, Don being the youngest of seven. The family immigrated to Maynard in 1899 . They were farmers in Tiverton and were farmers in Maynard. The…

A photograph of Alumni Field and surrounding area taken from an airplane.

Orientation: The view is from the south looking north. Great Road runs along the top of the image.

The lower left shows a hockey rink (1934-1970-ish). Originally…

Ray served Maynard from the 1940's through the 1980's in the following capacities:
Superintendent of Streets, Fence Viewer, Special Water Committee, By-law Committee, Maynard Housing Committee, Finance Committee, Planning Board, M.A.P. C. Town…

Peel off label for side of vehicle

A history of the town's sewerage system. Recognized as a need from the earliest days of the town's incorporation, a variety of factors prevented its construction until 1930.

A history of the water department in Maynard through 1966.

A description of the Maynard Sewer system's personnel and growth from its inception in 1914 through the mid 1960s.