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The First Four Little League Teams - 1952


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The First Four Little League Teams - 1952


This is the year Little League was started in Maynard





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Elks: Buddy Seura, John Stefanowicz, Teddy Kauppi, Harold Whitney, Richard Martino, Eric French, John Downey, Edward Hoffman, Lawrence Brooks, Orson Hathaway, Frawley DeFreitas, Donald Thompson, Ralph Martino, Philip Goldthwaite, Ken O'Driscoll, James Brooks, John Walsh, Edward Hoffman, Albert Connors, Alaric French.

Timkineers: Roger Pederson, Fred Lawrence, Arnold Justason, B. J. McGarigle, John Caouette, Bruce Koshinen, Bernard Caouette, Dick Jones, Jim Boudreau, John Bartlett, Fred Caouette, Peter Flagg, Nick Duren, Jay McGarigle, Donald Kierce, Roland Livermore, John Mulvany, Bud Spinney, Al Flagg, Fred Lawrence.

Miners: L. Melanson, C. McAllister, David Lawton, W. Mulcahy, R. Cleary, W. Duggan, Lee Prescott, E. Mullin, E. Barrett, R. Melanson, C. Emanuelson, W. Croft, D. Mullin, L. Colleton, R. Cassidy, D. Mulcahy, L. Melanson

Sparks: W. Crowther, N. Hannon, Hallowell, J. Mariano, G. Veracka, J. Primiano, E. Hillis, S. Zaleska, T. Vincent, J. Luker, A. Kavaleski, D. Sleeper, W. Spratt, R. Carlton, J. Howe, M. Smith, M. Lankiewicz, A. Sebastyn.

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