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  • Collection: Digital Equipment Corporation

A Program for Appreciation Night held November 30, 1971, in the Maynard High School Auditorium. The event was sponsored by the Town of Maynard to extend its gratitude to Digital Equipment Corporation for bringing "great credit to the name of…

EPSON016e (2).jpg
A series of 26 color photos celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Digital Equipment Corporation and Testimonial Banquet to Ken Olsen, Founding President. The event was held April 19, 1983. The first photo of attendees include Bill Keto, Winnie Hearon,…

EPSON009e (2).jpg
A black and white aerial view of the Maynard Mill Buildings/Digital Equipment Corp.

Photograph of the mill complex at night (with reflection in the mill pond) taken in 1971 when Digital Equipment Corporation was running at "top speed".

A black and white photo of "Building 1 Illuminated" was Yu Hata's prize winning entry in Digital's Photo contest and was taken by a Pentax camera, set for a 2 second exposure at 5.6f stop.

A prize-winning entry in Digital's Photo Contest, taken with Pentax camera (2 second exposure at f/5.6)

Instructions for running the Greenblatt Chess Program on the PDP-6/10.

An extra edition of the magazine all about DEC.

The Year of DEC

"We had a vision of computing we knew the world needed" - Ken Olsen

A black and white photo of the PDP-1 Computer. Digital demonstrated its prototype PDP-1 computer at the 1959 Joint Computer Conference in Boston, MA. The whole showing was buzzing about this fledgling company called Digital and this little machine…

A black and white photo of DEC's PDP-4 computer. Digital's PDP computer line was designed with the goals of interactivity, low cost, simplicity, and reliability. The computers in this 18-bit computer family are the PDP-1 of 1960, PDP-4 of 1963,…

A map of the origin and development of Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957 through 1986. The DEC Tree is an article that was published in the magazine "Computerworld" on September 24, 1986.

A black and white photo of DEC Memory Tester 1516. The first systems Digital made were memory test systems to check the core stacks that were the memories used at that time. The technology used in these test systems were later used to build memories…

Poster used within Digital to advertise the DECworld convention at the World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts taking place from September 8-18, 1987.

"Excellent People Dedicated to a Five Star Program"

A series of newsletters distributed within Digital management. Topics frequently centered on corporate strategy and financial health.

The extent and frequency of the newsletters is unknown.

Thank You poster advertising a Digital 40th Anniversary event near the PKO3 Helipad (Parker Street campus in Maynard)

Two female employees discussing work in a Mill office. DECwriter and acoustic coupler in foreground.

Representatives of Digital Equipment Corporation at what appears to be a trade show. PDP-8 and Flip Chips are being displayed.

A black and white photo of DEC Building #12.

Two black and white photos of the front entrance to the Digital Building on Main Street, Maynard, MA.