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A photo book that spans the time that DEC was active in the mills of Maynard. Pictures of people, equipment, construction and activities.

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A Model K8 International Firetruck that was later donated to Digital Equipment Corporation for their use at the mill.

Digital Lab Data Products promotional poster showing a bit of friendly rivalry between Geneva, Switzerland and Maynard, Massachusetts.

A poster celebrating the 20 year relationship between Digital and the Town of Maynard (the Minicomputer Capital of the World). The poster appears to be created by the IPG (Industrial Products Group) which was based in the Mill.

A poster by digital promoting the PDP-12 computer.

A promotional poster produced by Marketing and Sales Support Digital Central European Region.

A poster promoting the Large Computer Group's DECSYSTEM 10, DECSYSTEM 2O and DAS (Digital Advanced Systems).

The scene is the Old North Bridge in Concord.

An extra edition of the magazine all about DEC.

The Year of DEC

"We had a vision of computing we knew the world needed" - Ken Olsen

Thank You poster advertising a Digital 40th Anniversary event near the PKO3 Helipad (Parker Street campus in Maynard)

Poster used within Digital to advertise the DECworld convention at the World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts taking place from September 8-18, 1987.

"Excellent People Dedicated to a Five Star Program"

Ad/poster shows a VAX-11/780 computer with the message "At Digital, we think a computer is only as good as the 14,000 service people who stand behind it."

Includes the tagline: "Digital - We change the way the world thinks."

Instructions for running the Greenblatt Chess Program on the PDP-6/10.

The Global Newspaper for DIGITAL Employees commemorating 40 years of people, products, and services. Digital was part of Compaq at this time, 1998.

A presentation by the Maynard Historical Commission to Mr. Olsen for his efforts in the Mill Clock restoration and continuing historic preservation of the mill.
Commission Members: Ralph H. Sheridan, Winnifred G. Hearon, Joseph E. Boothroyd,…

The "Digits" team walk in the Little League Parade up Waltham Street. The "Digits" were sponsored by Digital Equipment Corporation.

A group portrait taken in front of Digital Equipment Corporation. The gentleman in the center appears to be Massachusetts Governor Endicott Peabody.

A black and white photo of the DEC Karate Club at 62 Nason Street. The instructor's name was Dick Jones.

A prison guard, from Concord Reformatory, Herb Stuart (from South Acton), took over the school around 1968 and eventually moved it to Main…

Two caps for BPOE "the Run for Charity" 1984, One cap Bank of Boston NYNEX Classic- Digital, and one cap for Maynard's Century 21 Real Estate.