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Multi Page report describing the plans for the addition of a chilled water plant adjacent to MLO7. Shown is the first page and a site map.

"Jack Mackeen (right), Microcomputer Products Group (MPG) manager, displays the first in a series of 'Mighty MIcro' ads now appearing in electronics trade magazines. George Roth (left), MPG marketing specialists and running enthusiast, models a…

An unopened documentation box containing Spreadsheet, Graphics and Information Management instruction manuals.

A documentation box containing a PRO/Communications User's Guide, Window Manager User's Guide, a DRV FICHE and five floppy discs.

A documentation box containing a CP/M-86/80 Getting Started and Users Guide; a GSX-86 Getting Started and Programmer's Reference Manual; and a Color/Graphics Option Guide.

A documentation box containing a three ring binder with the Getting Started Guide, User's ' Guide, Appendixes, Addenda and three floppy discs.

A documentation box containing an Installation Guide, Owner's Manual, RD31 Installation and User's Guide, LA50 Printer Programmer Reference Manual, Installing and Using the LA50 Printer and three floppy disc. Seems to be a later version of Rainbow…

A documentation box containing a Getting Started guide, Owner's Manual, Installation guide, Floor Stand Installation Guide, Winchester Disk Option Upgrade and Installation Guide, Rainbow Software promotional pamphlet.

A documentation box containing User's Guide, Reference Manual, License and Software Product Description pamphlet and one floppy disc for explaining use of a spreadsheet on the Rainbow.

A documentation box containing a Using the Mini-Exchange booklet, Getting Started, Using the Hard Disk, User's Guide and one floppy disc explaining program execution, installation, storage and editing capabilities of the software.

A documentation box containing a User's Guide, License and Product Software Product Description and two floppy discs describing word processing on the Rainbow 100.

A documentation box that contains a Getting Started booklet, User's Guide, Memory Extension Option Installation Guide, License and Software Product Description, and five floppy disks.

Large vinyl banner likely used at conferences and conventions.

The numbering system of the buildings at the Mill site used by Digital Equipment Corporation.

A slide presentation produced by Digital's Audio Visual Services explaining the history of the Assabet Mill, headquarters of Digital at that time.

Ink ribbon cartridges used in the LA50 printer.

These signs were posted to help the employees know where they were in the Mill. (Similar wayfinding signs were used in other Digital facilities.)

MLO12-2 means Maynard Mill, building 12, 2nd floor.

Prior to July 1982 all Digital buildings had…

A three ring binder with hundreds of purchase orders, appropriation requests and invoices covering the period of 1989; Maynard Supply Company invoice shown.

Advertising sign informing Digital employees.