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A black and white photo of Grade 1 in the Bancroft St. School, dated 1941. Naomi Boothroyd is in the third row (from the bottom), seventh child from the far left. If you can identify others please contact the Maynard Historical Society.

A photo of Grade 6 in the Bancroft School dated 1941.

Barbara Bowse is in the 1st (front) row, 7th from left (before the two boys)

Dorothy Boothroyd is in the 2nd row, 7th from left (last girl in row).

If others can be identified please…

A photo of students presenting a puppet show.
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Back: John Soroka, Sandra Spratt
Front: Paul Boothroyd, Raymond Laskowski

WPA, Works Progress Administration, renamed Works Project Administration in 1939, was the largest New Deal program to help the country to recover from the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Ten Bearer Bonds were issued by the Town of Maynard in 1905 in order to raise money for the construction of a school, likely the Bancroft Street (Calvin Coolidge) School. Each bond was valued at $1800 paying 3 1/2% interest with bond #10 maturing in…

Originally the Bancroft Street School, and renamed the Coolidge School in 1932. It ceased being used as a school in 1981.
Left picture is front view, right is a view from the back.

Two black and white photos of Calvin Coolidge School teachers in the 1940's.

A black and white photo of the school taken in 1970. The first floor was built in 1906, the second in 1910.