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Front Row: Lotto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiaza, John Forssi, ___?

Center Row: Matti Saruela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, ___?

Back Row: Sam Ruotsala, Hugo Kajander, ___?, Mikko Hilpakka,…

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A black and white copy of a photo of the Tarmo Athletic Club Gymnastic Team, dated 1907.

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Front: (on floor) Leslie Rivers, Roy Helander
1st row: Saimi Korsman, Mrs. Rahkonen, Hanna Weckstrom, Mrs. Anderson, Alma Saaristo, Saima Helander (with daughter Vivian), Mrs. Stansfield, Sandra Leivo, Mari Torppa, Helmi Ruotsala
2nd row:…

A history on the 50th anniversary of the "ALKU" (The Beginning) Temperance Society of Maynard. The booklet is written entirely in Finnish.

This book contains minutes of the September 19, 1910 meeting at which The Finnish Workingmen's Association, Taisto, of Maynard was formed. The purpose of said corporation shall be: to influence among the laboring classes in Maynard a feeling of…

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Accompanied by Sirkka Lehtinen, Fridioff Tofferi, Uuno Poikonen

Cast of Characters: Bertha Saari, Elma Leivo, William Wehkoja, Ahti Jaakkola, Lauri Hiipakka, Helen Mark, Aimo Kangas, Waino Saari, Laura Aho, Leo Warila, Ahti, Alho, Anthony Colombo

This program contains photos and a history written entirely in Finnish.

Translation: " The American immigrant Alfred Heikki's son Torppa, born March 4, 1880 in Veteli, married on April 4, 1901 to Maria Amalia August's daughter Tofferi, born in Halsua on October 15, 1879 and live in matrimony in America.
Certified by…

"I can hereby attest that the young man, Alfred Torppa, from Vetili at my farm has passed courses in anatomy of house pets, horse shoeing, and birthing as well as the more ordinary outer and inner sicknesses with satisfaction. He has also taken…

Diploma from the Veteli, Finland elementary school.
Translation by Roy Helander


"The peasant Alfred Heikki's son Torppa , b. March 4, 1880 in Veteli, and his wife, Maria Amalia Gustaf's daughter, b. October 15, 1879 and their two children Juho Teodor, 1903 and Hugo Alfred,1904 from Veteli in the Grand Duchy are traveling abroad…


Members of the ALKU marching in a parade, June 1931. Many of these marchers were most of the people that worked in the kitchen and helped serve the dinner at the annual summer festival.

Front two right to left: Naemi Kajander, Esther…

Scene from the Finnish hist. play, "The Death of Eliina", performed at the Parker Street Hall.

l to r: Huklah Nelson, Roy Helander, Waino Ojalehto, William Wehkoja, Ellen Hangas

This photo is from one of the early Halloween parties of the All American Club.

In 1945, when the Finnish boys and girls who had grown up in Maynard came back from World War II, they wanted to form a Finnish American club at the Parker Street Hall…

The club presented a music event on March 14th, 1971 at Maynard High School. The program list many of the local companies as sponsers.

Officers of the club:
Harold Hicks , President
Robert Mayes, Vice President
Frances Schipper,…

Promotional almanac given to customers of the store written in Finnish.

A series of 23 postcards sent to Anna Autio as a young girl when she was living in Fitchburg and Maynard in the early 1900's. The notes are written in Finnish. Note on the bottom card, it was sent from Fitchburg on Sept. 10, 1906 at 9:30 AM and…

Various reports of the United Cooperative Society written entirely in Finnish.

This is their marriage photo.