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Front Row: Lotto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiaza, John Forssi, ___?

Center Row: Matti Saruela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, ___?

Back Row: Sam Ruotsala, Hugo Kajander, ___?, Mikko Hilpakka,…

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Variously referred to as the "Finnish National Band" and the "1st Temperance Society Band"

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Front Row: Pekka Pekkala, Hugo Kajander, Matti Sarvela, Matti Hekkala, ___?, ___?, Erick Huikari, John Forssi

Center Row: Oskari Saari, __Hilden,…

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Front : Jim Lucchesi, John Ojalehto
2nd: Frithioff Tofferi, Jesse Sikila, Ivar Sjoblom, William Lehto, William Sjublois, Victor Hotakainen, Oskar Tofferi, Oskar Ahola, Katti Ruska, Toivo Frigard, Hjalkar Saarinen, William Kickola,

Picture taken in the then Finnish Temperance Hall.
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Outer Circle: Pikka Pikkala, Sam Mantirri, Oscar Kauppi, Antti Kangas, Edward Hintsa, Ilmar Junno
Inner Circle: Conductor Hugo Kajander, Weeti Toival, Lauri Pekkala, Antti Heiskari, Sakari…

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Four photos of the Maynard National Band.
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Front, seated: __Weeti, ___Taival, Reino Keto, Ilmar Johnson, ___?, Uuno Holt, Fiped Laurila, Henry Grandell, Toivo Keto

Back, standing: Antti Heiskari, Appo Visuri, Otto Nevala, William Manty,…

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1923 photograph of the Imatra Band playing at the Voses Pavilion.

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Front Row (14): Frithiof Tofferi, Hugo Torppa, Helge Saari, Aarne Autio, Bill Mikkola, Waino Maki, Matti Autio, __Saarinen, __Poikonen, Eino Kauppi, Aimo Kangas, Alex…

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A sepia photo of the Maynard Tarmo Soccer Team, dated 1918.
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Top:Sakari Marjamaa, Kalle Ahola, Mikko Hiipakka, Walfred Stein
Center: Karl Saarinen, Axel Tofferi, __?, __?, Edward Helander
Bottom: __?, Kusti Aromaa, __?

A photo of an outstanding track team during the 1920's. A team winning many events at several meets among the Finnish societies throughout the state.

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Ernest Luosalo, Aati Saarinen, Jacob Laurila, George Luosalo, Edwin Laurila, Evert…

This program contains photos and a history written entirely in Finnish.

Front : Aino (Emma) Alatalo, Emma Weckstrom,_____?, Maria Laine, Iida Klemola, Lempi. Paikunen

Center: Bertha Wirta, Sylvia Filppu, Aino Tarvainen, Mary Jarvi, Mary Kukkula, Elsa Heikkila, Selma Stansfield, Signe Heikkinen

Back: Impi Rivers,…

Front Row: John Ojalehto, Frank Mark, Hjalmar Nieminen, ___?, ___?, Gustaf Linna, John Pulkkinen

2nd Row: __Seura, Senja Honkonen,N. H. Nystrom, ___?, Otto Fonsell , ___?, Waino Linna

3rd Row: ___?, Mrs Kammonen (?), John Kammonen, Lempi Mark,…

Various reports of the United Cooperative Society written entirely in Finnish.

A financial report written entirely in Finnish.


Promotional almanac given to customers of the store written in Finnish.

Written presentation to the Maynard Historical Society by Helen Mark Ketola on November 19, 1969 and other information about the Club.

The club presented a music event on March 14th, 1971 at Maynard High School. The program list many of the local companies as sponsers.

Officers of the club:
Harold Hicks , President
Robert Mayes, Vice President
Frances Schipper,…

Scene from the Finnish hist. play, "The Death of Eliina", performed at the Parker Street Hall.

l to r: Huklah Nelson, Roy Helander, Waino Ojalehto, William Wehkoja, Ellen Hangas

Members of the ALKU marching in a parade, June 1931. Many of these marchers were most of the people that worked in the kitchen and helped serve the dinner at the annual summer festival.

Front two right to left: Naemi Kajander, Esther…