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St. George's Church 50th Anniversary Booklet 1895-1945


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St. George's Church 50th Anniversary Booklet 1895-1945


The booklet has a history of the church, photographs of various organizations and recognition of church members.


November 14, 1945



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Dedication to war dead: Gordon Thomas Doel, William Frederick Palmer

WWI Honor Roll:
William F. Baron, Joseph Boothroyd, Earl Brinley, William E. Broadley, John Clayton, George Cuttell, Harold Cuttell, J. U. Doel, Charles Dyson, George Jamieson, Ralph Jamieson, Norman F. McAllister, Edward Miller, Arthur Oates, Everett Toop, William Weir, George G. Wood

WWII Honor Roll:
John M. Anderson, Raymond Lewis Bamford, William Lawrence Brindley, Albert Frederick Brown, Joan Turner Bushy, Orrell Croft, Harold Arthur Cuttell, Wilson Frederick Cuttell, Gordon Thomas Doel, William Ewart Duckworth, Jr., James Palmer Edney, Howard Russell Edwards, Edwin Frederick Grunwald, Ruth Cuttell Jones, Norvin Clement Laubenstein, Donald Andrew Lent, Ralph Douglas Lent, Roy Gordon Lent, Ralph William Mattson, Laura Martha Merrill, Mark Ormerod Newton, Jr., William Frederick Palmer, Andrew L. Peterson, Helen Jamieson Pretty, Albert Ernest Priest, Donald Oborne Priest, William George Priest, Francis Rahberg, Francis Rahberg Jr., Albert H. Sadley, Jr., George Henry Sales, Charles E. Shay, John Jacob Schurman, Avery Walker Steele, Dorothy Stoney, Peter Gordon Andrew Taylor, Philip Earle Taylor, Wilbur Lincoln Walls, George Wendall Waterhouse

The Vestry:
Rev. Harry E. Goll, James Quinn, Charles Spence, Peter Stalker, Charles Edney, Fred Stokes, Allen Webster, George Stuart, Gordon Price, Mr. Joseph Martin (missing from picture).

The Altar Guild:
Priscilla Edwards, Alice Brown, Mrs. Edward Walls, Mrs. Fred Stokes, Mrs. Ann Webster

St. George Choir:
Peter Stalker, Nancy Stalker, Dianne Stalker, Barbara Croft, Florence Croft, Mrs. Fred Stokes, Mrs. Anthony Lalli, Alice Brown, Mrs. Harold Cuttell, Arlene Elliot, Walter Johnson, Mrs. Walter Boeske, Mrs.Wilfred Woodhead, Marion Brown, Joyce Oldenquist, Joanne Elliott, Sally McNeil, William Baron
Church School Teachers: Elizabeth Brown, Doris Newman, Mrs. Wilford Woodhead, Mrs.Wilfred Woodhead, Mrs. Fred Stokes

St. Hilda Guild:
Mrs. James Quinn, Mrs. Fred Stokes, Mrs. Edward Walls, Mrs. Clarence Greenleaf, Mrs. George Brown, Mrs. Maud Stevens, Alice Brown, Mrs.George Laubenstein, Mrs. George Underwood, Ann Webster, Ethel Thane, Mrs. Allen Webster, Mrs. William Oates, Mrs, Edward Wooldridge, Mrs.J. U. Doel, Mrs. Irvine Astwood, Mrs. Charles Spence, Mrs. James Bemis, Mrs. Florence Dimery, Laura Lent, Mrs. Fred Oates, Mrs. Frank Johnson

The Men's Club:
Charles Spence, Mark Newton, William Baron, Charles Edney, Peter Stalker,Fred Stokes, James Quinn

The Sabra League:
Priscilla Edwards, Edith Underwood, Mabel Cuttell, Alice Brown, Laura Quinn, Ruth Jones, Alice Boeske, Louise Webster, Gladys Petersen, Marion Brown, Mildred Lalli, Doris Lent, Grace Stokes, Grace French, Doris Newman

Original Format

Twenty page booklet, 6 x 9 in.; two copies