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This collection depicts some of the many social organizations that have existed since Maynards inception.


Collection Manager (Maynard Historical Society)

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Maynard Cricket Club
Photograph of the Maynard Cricket Club.

Some of the individuals in this photo are:
Harry Rodway, Alfred Billet, James Rodway, John McInnis, Sandy McCowen, Tom Halliday, Ralph Hill, George Martin, Albert Easthope, Dan Grass, William Conley

The Twilight Club at Lake Boon - 1914 or 1916
Photograph taken at Lake Boon in either 1914 or 1916.

Front: Jinx Murray, Louis Sullivan, W. (Mc)Mann, Pat Murphy, Spec White, Jim Tobin

Rear: John Wall (Civil War Veteran), Edw. Ledgard, Sam Lawton, Al Ledgard, Jim Ledgard, Jim Helferty,…

The Camera Circle
Photograph of "The Camera Circle", a camera club that existed in the 1930s. This shows some of the members of the club. The photograph was taken on Summer Hill during a field trip..

front row: Leslie Rivers, Arvi Stabell, Walter Luoma

St. Casimir's Baseball Team
A picture of the St. Casimir's Baseball Team.

Maynard Dramatic Club  -  ca 1910
First picture of the Maynard Dramatic Club
Front: Edna Cheney
Center: Lilla Childs, Thomas Usher, Margaret Kelly
Back: John Sheridan, George Lawton, Charles Turnbull, Sylvester Sullivan, James Farrell

 Odd Fellows Block on Nason Street - ca 1900
The Odd Fellows Building was built in the late 1890's for Julius Loewe who had a pharmacy in one part of the store. There was also a jeweler and a men's clothing store. On the second floor was a hall where several of the local organizations held…

Concord and Maynard Caledonian Club - Dance Card
2nd Annual Grand Concert & Ball
Concord and Maynard Caledonian Clubs
Music Hall, Maynard

This type of dance order was used by all who attended formal dances. A male dancer went to a lady dancer and booked a certain dance, making note of same in…

 Twilight Club - Boston Police Detectives #1
James Clafkin, a Maynard man, who later became Deputy Supt. of the Boston Police, was an inspector at the time this picture was taken and as he also was a charter member of the Twilight Club for many years he brought his assoicates to Lake Boone for…

Twilight Club - Boston Police Detectives #2
Boston Police Detectives outing at Lake Boon.
Taken at the same time as picture 1999.127.

Front: Jim Ledgard, Deputy Superintendent James Clafln ( a charter member of the Twilight Club and a native of Maynard), ___?, Jim Hilferty, "Doc"…

Maynard Lodge of Eagles - 1916
As dressed for the parade on Barbecue Day

l to r
Front: Gus Deitrick, Bernard Garrigan

Center: Joe Allen, ___?, ___?, Joshua Edwards, David Sharpe, ___?, Martin Kane

Back: Mungo Bain, John O'Leary, John Smith, ___?, Oscar Larson, Joe…

Knights of Pythias  -  1908
In striking red and white dress uniforms, taken in the rear of Fairbanks' house on Pleasant Street.
4th from left: __Cameron; 5th from left: Tom Carey; 2nd left from flag: Neil Jacobson; 3rd right from flag: Walter Chapman; 1st right: Julius…

Pythian Sisters at Colonial Hall
Colonial Hall was above 63 Main St.

Y.P.S.L.  Baseball Team  -  1922<br />
Young People&#039;s Socialist League
State Champions

Front: Waino Maki, Jack Manning, Anthony Columbo
Back: Wm. Wehkoja, Aimo Kangas, Armas Frigard, Waino Saarinen, Waino Ojalehto, Charles Hekkala

Y.P.S.L.  Basketball Team   1925-26
Maynard Champs

Front: Waino Ojalehto, Waino Saarinen, Tony Colombo, Aimo Kangas
Back: Oiva Alasaari, Charles Manty, Joseph Boulden, Charles Hekkals, George Ojalehto

Maynard Sheiks  -  1926  Football Team
l to r
Front: George Chyzus, M. O'Connor, J. Bakum, J. Bandalewicz, A. Columbo, __O'Donnell

Center: A. Chyzus, W. O'Toole, __Saari, __Rutanen, ___?, P. Connors

Back: ___?, Al Cowles

Maynard Cricket Club Outing - 1917
The Maynard Cricket Club was located where the Green Meadow School was built. It was started in the early 1900's by a group of Englishman. They built a clubhouse down in the corner of the lot and had a cricket club which played in a league with…

Maynard Cricket Club
The Cricket Club was located just behind where the Green Meadow School is now located with the playground of the school the playing field location of the club. The club played for several years in a Central Massachusetts League, wining the…