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Knights of Columbus - 1924
Fourth Anniversary Banquet
Colonial Hall
Maynard, Mass.


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Knights of Columbus - 1924
Fourth Anniversary Banquet
Colonial Hall
Maynard, Mass.


The band is the Sheridan Orchestra, Frank Sheridan, Mgr. on the drums.

Head Table in front of orchestra, standing left to right:
Robert Sheridan, Mrs. Frank Sheridan, Vincent Sweeney, Mary Sweeney, Sylvester Sullivan, Mrs. Sullivan, ___?, Patrick McGrath, Rev. Edward Crowley, Rev. Guido Pallotta, Rev. Edwin Walsh, John Sheridan, Eleanor Sheridan, Michael Dee, Mrs. Dee, ___?, ___?.
Head Table seated, left to right:
Harold Morgan, Louise Lavan, Daniel Connors, ___?, ___?, ___?, James Morgan, Mildred Morgan, ___?, ___?, Mrs. Smith, William Smith, Eleanor O'Connor, Herbert Martin, Margaret Dean, John Donahue, Dr. Earl Ryan, ___?, ___?, Mrs. Moynihan, Timothy Moynihan.

Four Tables beginning on the left, people identified from front to back.

First Table, left side: Frank Moran, Mrs. Moran, James Connolly, Gladys Ryan, ___?, William Sexton, Mary Sexton, ___?, ___?, William Lonney, Mrs. Rainville, Columbus Rainville, Howard Herbert, last in row is James Mahoney.
First Table, right side: Ralph Sheridan, Marie Hefferon, John Kane, Mrs. Kane, Mary Halligan, Michael Louka, Madonna Louka, William Tobin, ___?, John Zaniewski, Mrs. Zaniewski, Arthur Johnson, ___?, Harold Sheridan, Mrs. Sheridan, Patrick Murphy, Mrs. Murphy, Thomas Kine, ___?, ___?, Fred Wilder, Mrs. Wilder, remainder unidentified.

Second Table, left side: George Lynch, Cornelius Lynch, Mary (Minnie) Lynch, John Moynihan, Viola O'Brien, John O'Leary, ___?, Ed Hoffman, Margaret Kamesh, James Whalen, ___?, John Keegan, ___?, Ed Ledgard, Mrs. Ledgard, George Sharpe, Mrs. Sharpe, Margaret Walsh, Howard King, Mrs. Brayden, ___?, Frank Brayden, ___?, ___?
Second Table, right side: William O'Brien, Mrs. O'Brien, George Creighton, Mrs. Creighton, Frank McCarron, Mrs. McCarron, ___?, ___?, Arthur Bariteau, Mrs. Bariteau, Frank Fearns, Mrs. Fearns, B.J. Coughlin, Mrs. Coughlin, Albert Murphy, Mrs. Murphy, Charles Hoffman, Mrs. Hoffman, Dr. Frank May, Mrs. May, Walter Murray, Mrs. Murray, John Murray, Mrs. Murray.

Third Table, left side: Joan Manning, John Mahan, ___?, ___?, ___?, ___?, Mrs. O'Brien, Joseph O'Brien, Mrs. Driscoll, John J, Driscoll, William Spratt, ___?, Eden Cahill, Alice Wollerschied, ___?, ___?, ___?, ___?, Alice Nagle, last four unidentified.
Third Table, right side: ___?, Leonard Smith, ___?, Dan Driscoll, Mrs. Driscoll, ___?, ___?, ___?, Arley Lawrence, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Evers, Louis Evers, Joseph Kaler, ___?, John Gallagher, Mrs. John Gallagher, Mrs. William Gallagher, William Gallagher.

Fourth Table, left side: 2nd from front, George Anelons; 5th from front, Leo Noon.
Fourth Table, right side: ___?, ___?, ___?, Frank Finocchi, Mrs. Finocchi, Archie Bowse, ___?, Ed Coughlin, ___?.


General Studios
44 Boylston St.


April 23, 1924



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