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Polish Newspaper Article About St. Casimir's ca 1930


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Polish Newspaper Article About St. Casimir's ca 1930


Newspaper article which appeared in the Polish language newspaper "Przeglad Tygodniowy", ("The Polish Weekly Review"), published in South Boston, page 3. Using Google Translate, the following approximate translation was derived:

News From Maynard, Mass.

In this town, as we see the names below, there are quite a large number of Poles, and there is also a Polish parish of St. Casimir, whose parish priest is the well-known and well-liked Fr. Dziok, a former vicar in So. Boston. This town has factories where wool is processed and purified. When these factories are operating in full force, the townspeople do well. Unfortunately, today these factories do not employ many workers due to stagnation, which is why poverty prevails there as elsewhere. Despite this, the townspeople do not complain about the fate of unemployment, but save themselves as much as they can, and many have even left for other New England cities during this stagnation. There is also the Ecclesiastical and Trade Union Society, which has quite a large number of members, which is due to the workers in the national sphere and also to Father Dziok, who never refuses to help or advise his parishioners, but tries to ensure that brotherly love and harmony prevail. The editors of the "Weekly Review" would have had a great deal of interest if the local Poles had taken an interest in our magazine, and our magazine, having readers there, would have made sure that in each issue, the local Poles would have found a more extensive description of its activities. In a few weeks our journal will challenge its new readership, and we expect that the town of Maynard will take part in the contest and win some prominence. To this end, before the contest begins, we will not fail to personally visit Polonia (people of Polish descent living outside of Poland) in Maynard and get to know them more closely. Next week we will try to write something about this town and its Polonia again.

A list of families and people belonging to the parish of St. Casimir:
1. Aleksandrowicz, Franciszek, Marja
2. Andruszkiewicz, Stanislaw, Marja
3. Arcisz, Antoni, Marja
4. Arcisz, Michal, Katarzyna
5. Arciszewski, Jozef, Helena
6. Bajgot, Jan, Michalina
7. Bojkiewicz, Juljan, Anna
8. Bubnowicz, Jozef, Anna
9. Czyzus, Andrzej, Zofja
10. Dargiewicz, Stefan, Janina
11. Dudzinski, Ludwik, Felicja
12. Dudzinski, Maciej, Urszula
13. Dzerkacz, Jan, Katarzyna
14. Froncki, Narcyz, Bronislawa
15. Gierdziejewski, Jozef, Marja
16. Gogolin, Boleslaw, Anna
17. Gudzinowicz, Konstantyn, Franciszka
18. Gudzinowicz, Michal, Emilja
19. Hajduk, Stanislaw, Kamilla
20. Hodinicki, Jan, Aniela
21. Jakusik, Onufry, Helena
22. Janczewski, Ignacy, Katarzyna
23. Jasielonis, Stanislaw, Olympja
24. Janulewicz, Wincenty, Stefanja
25. Januszkiewicz, Aleksander, Jozefa
26. Jurgielewicz, Kazimierz, Marja
27. Jutkiewicz, Jan, Stanislawa
28. Jukowski, Djonizy, Agnieszka
29. Kaskiewicz, Boleslaw, Anastazja
30. Kiemierz, Jakob, Anastazja
31. Kitowicz, Antoni, Emilja
32. Kochnowicz, Michal, Jadwiga
33. Kochnowicz, Adam, Ludwika
34. Kodzis, Franciszek, Aniela
35. Kolenda, Jozef, Ewa
36. Kowszewicz, Jan, Anna
37. Krysieniel, Kazimierz, Anna
38. Kulewicz, Jan, Michalina
39. Kulewicz, Feliks, Marja
40. Kulik, Jozef, Marja
41. Kulik, Jan, Emilja
42. Kulikowski, Adolf, Katarzyna
43. Labowicz, Wincenty, Rozalja
44. Lenkiewicz, Franciszek, Genowefa
45. Lichoraj, Pawel, Stanislawa
46. Lisaj, Marcin, Teresa
47. Lojko, Florjan, Zofja
48. Lojko, Franciszek, Ewa
49. Luezko, Stanislaw, Marja
50. Mackiewicz, Wincenty, Anna
51. Maskiewicz, Antoni, Anastazja
52. Maskiewicz, Jan, Michalina
53. Makrzecki, Stefan, Michalina
54. Mikutajcis, Jan, Helena
55. Nawrocki, Karol, Teofila
56. Nowicki, Bronislaw, Antonina
57. Nowik, Aleksander, Agata
58. Nowik, Jozef, Marja
59. Piecewicz, Antoni, Anastazja
60. Piecewicz, Feliks, Magdalena
61. Piecewicz, Franciszek, Emilja
62. Piecewicz, Jozef, Antonina
63. Piecewicz, Jozef, Marja
64. Piecewicz, Michal, Franciszka
65. Pilecki, Ignacy, Stefanja
66. Piotrowski, Wladyslaw, Emilja
67. Plaskowicz, Kazimierz, Antonina
68. Polonis, Antoni, Feliksa
69. Pozarycki, Augustyn, Marja
70. Pozarycki, Jan, Marja
71. Pozarycki, Wincenty, Zofja
72. Pronko, Piotr, Marja
73. Radzewicz, Augustyn, Marja
74. Rubaszko, Jan, Helena
75. Rynkiewicz, Michal, Dorta
76. Saroka, Ignacy, Bronislawa
77. Sawka, Michal, Stefanja
78. Sawosz, Hipolit, Zofja
79. Sebastyanowicz, Jan, Marja
80. Serafinka, Stanislaw, Marja
81. Sielicki, Michal, Marja
82. Aiemieniak, Antoni, Anastazja
83. Siekiewicz, Stanislaw, Helena
84. Siergiej, Lukasz, Katarzyna
85. Siergiej, Rafal, Dominika
86. Slabysz, Stanislaw, Marja
87. Sokolowski, Wincenty, Malwina
88. Stefanowicz, Jozef, Michalina
89. Stefanowicz, Piotr, Anna
90. Szczerzen, Grzegorz, Anna
91. Szczuka, Pawel, Marja
92. Szostak, Jozef, Michalina
93. Tamulonis, Jozef, Felicja
94. Tarasewicz, Jozef, Paulina
95. Trocki, Antoni, Aniela
96. Waliukiewicz, Pawel, Marja
97. Waluk, Sylwester, Jadwiga
98. Wasiuk, Jan, Antonina
99. Wasiuk, Jozef, Zofja
100. Wojtkiewicz, Jozef, Stefanja
101. Zancewicz, Stanislaw, Anna
102. Zdanowicz, Michal, Marja
103. Zwirblo, Wasil, Genowefa

A list of single members:
1. Bakun, Jan
2. Baluc, Jan
3. Bandalewicz, Wiktorja
4. Biekisz, Michal
5. Bohnis, Anna
6. Budrewicz, Antoni
7. Cieslak, Genowefa
8. Dziadowicz, Ludwik
9. Feducik, Franciszek
10. Glowacki, Michal
11. Harasiemczyk, Anna
12. Jakubowicz, Stefan
13. Jakusik, Anastazja
14. Januszkiewicz, Marta
15. Kitowicz, Wicenty
16. Kopacz, Antoni
17. Korpiejszyk, Marja
18. Kulik, Jozef
19. Lehto, Stefanja
20. Leuta, Hipolit
21. Lojka, Karolina
22. Lojka, Jan, Nadzia
23. Marciszewski, Edward
24. Milewska, Jozefa
25. Nozko, Anastazja
26. Paszkiewlewicz, Wincenty
27. Piecewicz, Marja
28. Piuta, Stanislawa
29. Pogurek, Dominik
30. Rusielewicz, Jozef
31. Rusielewicz, Ewa
32. Sawosz, Stefanja
33. Sebastyanowicz, Zofja
34. Siemieniak, Stanislaw
35. Siergiej, Jan
36. Sokolowska, Petronella
37. Szebunka, Adam
38. Szostak, Ignacy
39. Szostak, Antonina
40. Szylkonis, Emilja
41. Tomul, Teresa
42. Waluk, Adolf
43. Waluk, Marjy
44. Waluk, Michal
45. Wardzala, Tekla
46. Wasiuk, Emilja
47. Wasiuk. Zofja
48. Wasiuk, Ludwik
49. Wasiuk, Wladyslaw
50. Wodoklys, Marja
51. Wojsznisz, Antonina
52. Wojsznisz, Jozefa
53. Ziemis, Piotr
54. Zuk, Konstancja

Enrolled in the year 1930:
1. Bajgot, Anna
2. Dzerkacz, Marja
3. Piecewicz, Franciszka
4. Pilecki, Jozef, Jozefa
5. Smaha, Michal
6. Wasiuk, Stefan
7. Wasiuk, Teresa
8. Zylkiewicz, Anna

Other offerings to the church were made by:
1. Sokolski, Franciszek, Anna
2. Milewski, Jan, Michalina


ca 1930




Newspaper clipping 17 x 22.5 in.


Przeglad Tygodniowy (The Polish Weekly Review) - South Boston



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