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Cloth patch with an embroidered idealized eagle and name Maynard and a white eagle tie clip. No information on group that might have sponsored these items.

The coat of arms of Poland is a white, crowned eagle with a golden beak and talons, on a…

A poster advertising a basket ball game at the Parker Street Hall between St. Casimir's and the Tarmo Athletic Club.

With a textile mill as the center of employment (and economic power) for the first 75 years of Maynard's existence, it is not surprising that labor unions were deeply threaded through those years as well. A detailed chronology of labor unions in…

The origins and evolution of St. Casimir's church, an offspring of St. Bridget's focused on the Polish community.

A short summary of the 20 year history of this Polish cooperative in Maynard from about 1910 to 1931.

A social and religious event on Sunday Aug. 19 presumably at the church and hall.

A poster for an all-day Maynard's Polish Picnic held at the Maynard Rod and Gun Club with food by Mary's Catering.

Wide format group portrait in front of St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church (Great Road). Titled: 1911 NA PAMIONTKA SREBNEGO IUBIELEUSZA ZALOZENIA TOW W.P.M.B.L.Z.
W. Maynard, Mass.
(translated from Polish as "Silver Jubilee")

A cloth banner possibly used as a table runner.

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The picture was taken in front of St. Casimir's Church.

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Front row, bent knee (4): Stanley Trakimas, Frank Gallis, Anthony Sebastynowicz, Ben Piecewicz

2nd row (14): Stanley Zancewicz, Felix Kulevich, Michael Pileeki, Walter Wasiuk,…

Large mounted photograph of a band and dancers on a decorated float.