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History of St. Casimir's Church - Three Accounts - ca 1978


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History of St. Casimir's Church - Three Accounts - ca 1978


Three accounts of the beginning of St. Casimir's Church.


Likley various St. Casimir's parishioners


ca 1978




Paper, 8.5 x 11 in. (2 copies of account #1)

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Account #1: St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church

In 1905, the Polish people of Catholic faith began using the lower church at St. Bridget's for their services. By 1910, there were about six hundred Polish-speaking people in Maynard, most of whom were attending St. Bridget's, and Rev. Walter A. Browne, pastor of St. Bridget's asked Archbishop O'Connell to provide a Polish priest as an assistant. Sunday, December 8, 1912, Rev. Francis Jablonski of Boston, administrator for the Polish-speaking people of Maynard, said his first mass at St. Bridget's Church at 10:30 a.m. Fr. Jablonski began immediately looking around for a suitable place to erect a church. The name of St. Casimir, patron saint of the Polish people, was chosen for the parish.
In the middle 1920s, they purchased land formerly owned and occupied by the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway on Great Road and converted the powerhouse into the present beautiful St. Casimir's Church. The church was blessed on November 12, 1928, by the Rt. Rev. Richard Haberlin as personal representative of His Eminence William Cardinal O'Connell.
Fr. Jablonski served from 1912 to 1926; followed by Rev. John S. Dziok, 1926 to 1939; Rev. William F. Maciaszek, 1939 to 1945; and Rev. Francis S. Miaskiewicz, D. C. L., 1945 until his death on January 10, 1970. Rev. Louis Bilicky was named pastor in February 1970. The parish rectory is at 253 Main Street, being purchased in 1937.

Account #2: The Polish People of St. Bridget's

In 1905, due to the steady growth of Polish people in Maynard, permission was granted to them to use the lower church of St. Bridget's for giving services. By 1910, some six hundred Poles resided in town, and through the intercession of Fr. Walter A. Browne, Pastor of St. Bridget's, His Eminence William Cardinal O'Connell assigned a Polish-speaking priest to care spiritually for the Polish people.
On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 1912, the Rev. Francis Jablonski, the first Polish-speaking priest in Maynard, celebrated mass at St. Bridget's. They continued to use the lower church.
In December 1926, Rev. John S. Dziok (who was later appointed a Monsignor) was assigned to Maynard to succeed Fr. Jablonski. During his pastorship the power station and land formerly owned and occupied by the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway on Great Road was acquired. The hardy and faithful parishioners by the sacrifices of time, energy, and sweat of the brow remodeled the building into the now beautiful "House of God", known as St. Casimir's Church. On November 12, 1928, the church of St. Casimir's was blessed by Monsignor Richard Haberlin. In 1937, the rectory at 253 Main Street was purchased.

Account #3: Saint Casimir's Polish Parish Founded in 1912

The Reverend Fathers, who served this parish, include the following:
1. Reverend Father Francis Jablonski (from January 4, 1912, till December 19, 1926) for some 13 years and 11 months. He returned to his native country (Poland) and there he died July 15, 1929.
2. Reverend Father John S. Dziok (from December 19, 1926, till February 24, 1940) for some 13 years and 2 months. He became pastor of Saint Hedwig's Church in East Cambridge, upon the death of Rev. Father Henry Zmijewski
a. Church was blessed on November 12, 1928
b. Stations of Cross erected by Cardinal O'Connell on Nobember 20, 1928
He died on Nobember 13, 1975
3. Reverend Father William Maciaszek (from February 25, 1940, till Nobember 24, 1945) for some 5 years and 9 months. He died December 9, 1968
4. Reverend Father Francis Miaskiewicz D. C. L. (from Nobember 25, 1945 till 1963) served some 18 years as administrator
a. from 1963 till January 10, 1970, some 7 years as Pastor
b. New cross dedicated on top of church, September 21, 1958
Died January 10, 1970
5. Reverend Father Louis S. Bilickly (from February 10 1970 till <present>)


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