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Centennial Monographs

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Centennial Monographs


In the years preceding the 1971 Centennial of Maynard the rather new Maynard Historical Society gathered a series of monographs on a wide variety of topics. 96 papers, written by primarily by Birger Koski and Ralph Sheridan, plus a number of "guest" authors, many of these were read at Historical Society meetings in the late 1960's and then became source material for the 1871-1971 History of Maynard book written for the Centennial of the Town.

Monographs, by nature, are focused and detailed research on a single topic. Many of these monographs, especially by the guest authors, contain personal anecdotes and details of life in town during those days.






Maynard Historical Society

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Centennial Monograph: Bicycle Clubs

The first Maynard clubs we come across in our reading of the old newspapers are the Roli-Boli Club organized in l895 and the A.T. Cycle Club (Associated Templars).

Here are a few excerpts from the Maynard News:

Sept. 22, 1899 A…

Centennial Monograph: Boston Post Cane

An interesting sidelight into memorabilia of half a century ago was the travels of the BOSTON POST CANE. Apparently this newspaper thought it would increase its circulation by presenting a cane to the Selectmen of all the towns in…

Centennial Monograph: Finnish Workers' Federation Club

Full text:
The Finnish Workers' Federation Club was organized in 1920-21 as an off-shoot of the Finnish Workingmen’s Society. Both groups were oriented from the old country, but with the Russian Revolution of 1917-18, the society split into two…

Centennial Monograph: The Battle of the Bottle

The Battle of the Bottle
License No-license
The Trials and Tribulations of Officer Connors
"Is My Father In Your Barroom?" "Get Away From Them Swinging Doors"

The sound and fury and tragedy of yesterday's battles are…

Centennial Monograph: Banking Institutions in Maynard


Banking Institutions in Maynard

The first bank in Maynard was an adjunct of The Assabet Manufacturing Co. We do not have a record when it was instituted. It was either a savings or a share buying institution of the company for its…

Centennial Monograph: Finnish Saunas


The one and only claim to fame that the Finnish people that removed themselves to these shores have is the steambath. The word "sauna" is part of our English language, so we descendants of those early Finns hold on to that little bit…

Centennial Monograph: The Assabet River

Ralph L. Sheridan

The Assabet River, winding its way through the north central part of the town is a prominent feature of the natural beauty of the town. It enters Maynard by Russell's bridge (formerly…

Centennial Monograph: Henry Wilson Post #86, G.A.R.

Henry Wilson Post #86, G.A.R.

The first post of the Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Decatur, Illinois, April 6, 1866. The purpose of the organization was to maintain comradeship and fraternity among its members; to perpetuate the…

Centennial Monograph: Magdalene Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star


Magdalene Chapter No 28
Order of the Eastern Star.
1890 -1969

It is with much pride and satisfaction that we the members of Magdalene Chapter, No 28 look back on our seventy-nine years as an organization of the Eastern Star.

As we…

Centennial Monograph: Athletes and Sports in Maynard Town


From the earliest times, man has engaged in various forms of more or less highly organized play activity. Athletic contests, whether for amusement and recreation, or as a means of training for the serious pursuits of life, have always…

Centennial Monograph: The All American Club


The younger generation of the Finnish speaking folks of the Parker Street Hall were interested in continuing the cultural interests of the Finnish people therefore, they held an informal meeting to discuss the possibility of…

Centennial Monograph: Band Parents' Club


In 1951 Mrs. Eleanor Colburn Fletcher, with the help of Mary A. Doyle, then Assistant Superintendent of Schools, sought support from the parents of students who were in the music program.

A group of mothers were brought…

Centennial Monograph:  Ancient Order of Hibernians

Ancient Order of Hibernians

The "little green isle o'er the sea’ had several names during its long history but how many of my listeners knew that centuries ago the name of this beautiful island was known as Hibernia and thus you can readily see…

Centennial Monograph: Alms House - Poor Farm

"Alms House" - "Poor Farm"

In 1900, the Alms House was equipped with a steam heating plant.

In 1902, the roof was shingled and new gutters put on. The barn was clapboarded and repainted.

In 1903 Mr. & Mrs. A. Dunham took over the management…

Centennial Monograph: The Attempt to Change the Name of Maynard


An old saying "Money is the root of all evil; of strife and upheaval" can be aptly applied to the story of the attempt to change the name of the Town of Maynard. This event took place in the…

Centennial Monograph: The Irish People in Maynard


The Irish were not long after the English and the Scotch in settling in the little village of Assabet. The building of the carpet mill by Maynard and Knight in 1846 attracted many of this nationality, and by 1850 there…

Centennial Monograph: Observation of the 50th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Maynard

Observation of the 50th Anniversary of the
Incorporation of the Town of Maynard
prepared by
Elizabeth M. Schnair
April, 1966

At the town meeting held in Maynard on March 7, 1921, the following article appeared:

"To see if the town will…

Centennial Monograph: Maynard Cricket Club


Prior to the formation of the Cricket Club amd the acquisition of suitable grounds, the game of cricket was played on the John A. Crowe Park amongst the new immigrants, who had come to America and taken up their new homes in…

Centennial Monograph: Maydale Spring Company

Maydale Spring Company

"Listen -- buy quality -- that's Maydale" is the slogan of the Maydale Sprlng Company and If the increased sales of the past year can be accepted as a criterion, it more than lives up to the established slogan.


Centennial Monograph: Musicians, Orchestras and Bands


A community is a total of the individual members of that community. Consequently, it has many faces and wears many hats. It has its vices, as last month's monograph on the liquor traffic revealed. It has its virtues. as so many papers,…