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Centennial Monograph: Little Known Organizations


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Centennial Monograph: Little Known Organizations


In the early days of Maynard's history three organizations sprang up (which we have little information on): "Congress of Friends", "Order of Alfredians", and "Nashoba Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men".


Birger Koski






50 years after this paper was written we now know (a bit) more about these organizations. Searching the web will return citations in books, etc.

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- Congress of Friends -
- Order of Alfredians -
- Nashoba Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men -

This paper is concerned with three organizations that existed prior to 1900 in Maynard. We know very little about them for their existence was of such short duration and newspaper coverage was scant.

The first organization is the Congress of Friends. Sources available to me do not list this organization at all for State, Regional or National significance. It was an insurance and endowment order. The only news note we have of this order is the following from the Concord Enterprise of July 10, 1891:

"A new organization, Congress of Friends, has been instituted in Maynard, is an insurance and endowment order. The officers are: Dr. Rich, Crawford Latham, Levi Cheney and W.W. Oliver".

We do not know how long it was active but by 1899, when the Maynard News began publishing, it apparently was no more as this paper did not make mention of it.

Of the second organization. Order of Alfredians, we know just as little. It is not listed as a State, Regional or National organization. Possibly the name was adopted from King Alfred of England, indicating a link to English literature. However, with the limitation of membership to Anglo-Saxon Protestants, (as the following news note will show), it might indicate a protective organization against non-protestant elements in Maynard.

The aforementioned news note comes from the Concord Enterprise of April 17, 1891. It reads as follows: "The Order of Alfredians has been organized in Maynard with between 25 and 30 members. It is open to Anglo-Saxon Protestants. James Lord is the Secretary".

Again, we find nothing in the 1899 Maynard News so this organization died before that.

On the third organization, Nashoba Tribe - Improved Order of Red Men, we do have a little more information. The Lincoln Library of Essential Information has this to say of the Red Men:

"A Fraternal, Beneficiary and Benevolent Society organized October 14, 1833 and based upon the manners, traditions and customs of the North American Indians. Subordinate bodies are known as Tribes and the Supreme body as the Great Council of the United States. Councils of Pocahantas provide for female membership in the Society. The ritual work of a tribe is divided into three sections of degrees - those of the adoption, the warrior and the chief. The motto of the order is "Freedom, Friendship and Charity".

The Nashoba Tribe was organized sometime during the year 1888 for we have two news items from the Concord Enterprise of May 8 and 15, 1891. The first reads as follows: "The Red Men are planning for the third Anniversary to be held at Masonic Hall". The second reports: "The Red Men hold their annual affair at Riverside Hall. E.R. Hooper in charge".

The Maynard News of March 23, 1900 reports that arrangements for the anniversary early in May are progressing.

However, by 1902, we note from the February 14 issue of the Maynard News the demise of the Red Men. The news note states that the Nashoba Tribe is surrendering its charter as the membership has declined so low.

So passed into history three more of the numerous organizations that the citizenry of the town of Maynard has seen fit to bring into existence and as Jim Farrell might say about this paper and its contents: C'est Finis!

Read at the meeting of March, 1966
Maynard Historical Society
B.R. Koski