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Centennial Monograph: The Danish People in Maynard


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Centennial Monograph: The Danish People in Maynard


A short account of how Danish immigrants came and integrated into the Maynard community.


Birger Koski





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The first of the Danes In town we would place around the latter 1880's or early 1890's. They had become numerous enough by December 1, 1899 to hold a dance in their clubroom on Acton Street. We would place the location of this clubroom in one of the two buildings facing the Jewish Synagogue, for they were used for club purposes, No doubt this club was just a social group.

Religious services were held in the Union Congregational Church In August 1899 and a new pastor arrived in April 1900. In November 1901 a successful church fair was held In Music Hall and at that time the church had forty communicants.

The young Danes organized a club known as Young Danish Peoples' Social Club In March 1903.

Maynard Lodge #204, Danish Brotherhood Society, organized December 23, 1904. This fraternal benefit lodge lasted for twenty-five years the following record shows:

March 10, 1905: Lodge meets In Odd Fellows Hall.
March 15, 1907: The Brotherhood holds masquerade ball in Co-operative Hall.
March 3, 1911: Brotherhood holds its annual dance in Hibernian Hall.
July 19, 1912: Danish Brotherhood buys land in Stow to erect building. (This was on Hastings Street, just over the town line.)
November 7, 1919: Brotherhood welcomes Its boys back from the war.
October 4, 1929: Danish Brotherhood to sell hall, The ranks of the old timers had thinned, it Is apparent, We have no record of officers, but Hans Erikson (Erikson's Ice Cream) was one of the stalwarts of this lodge in its latter years.

And so the saga of the Danish Invasion ends - Main Street, U.S.A.

All dates from the Maynard News.

Further information from Mr. George Peterson and Mrs. Harold (Mary Peterson) Edwards.

Read at April I969 meeting of Maynard Historical Society
B.R. Koski