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This jacket was worn by Gino Pierozzi who saw considerable action. An Army jacket from World War II.

MHS 2013.371 Textile 7.jpg
A green World War II Army jacket with the name of Schnair imprinted on the collar. Mr. Peter Schnair was a resident of Maynard, MA.

Two green/brown, woolen, medical blankets manufactured for the US Military by the American Woolen Company.

This service flag was made by James Ledyard, Sr. He had three boys serving in WW II: William, James, and John.

A WW II Army jacket belonging to Sgt. Antonio S. Terrasi of Maynard.

Antonio S. Terrasi was born on September 11, 1922 and passed away on Friday, March 14, 2008.
Antonio was a resident of Maynard, Massachusetts.
The honorary document is signed by George W. Bush.

2014-12-03 11.10.33e.jpg
An Army hat included in a collection of WW II military memorabilia from Antonio S. Terrasi.

MHS-ammo e.jpg
An Army ammunition pouch, with the name H. Mattonen printed on it. This pouch is part of a WW II Army memorabilia collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

2014-12-03 11.14.23 e.jpg
The American Red Cross passed out various items for WW II soldiers in battle by using a cotton pouch for distribution. This item is part of an Army WW II collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

A pair of Army boots issued to Antonio S. Terrasi during WW II. This item is part of a WW II Army memorabilia collection from Antonio S. Terrasi.

2014-12-03 12.10.24 e.jpg
An Army WW II winter coat made from heavy-duty wool.

Built by the W. P. A. during the depression of the 1930's. It was used as an alert center for the Air Wardens during World War II. Dismantled when the parking lot was enlarged at the rear of Memorial Park.

The Observation Tower was built by the American Legion to watch for airplanes and was manned 24 hours per day. It was later taken over by the Coast Artillery. It was destroyed by fire on October 30, 1951.

See also: The History of Maynard,…

John J. Arcisz
PM2 United States Navy Reserve
Born: Oct 26, 1920
Died: Feb 18,1945

The three Arcisz brothers, Bruno of the Marines, Joe of the Army ,and John of the Navy, were all home together on leave in September 1944. This was the first…

William F. Callahan
Private United State Army Air Corps
Born: 1908
Died: Ju! 27, 1943

Bill was 35 years old and only in the service for 12 days. He died at Army Camp in Greensboro. North Carolina.

The portrait is on display in the Maynard…

Chester G. Carson
Private United States Army
L Company, 377th Infantry 95th Division
Born: Aug 27, 1917
Died: Nov 28, 1944

Chester's regiment crossed into Germany on the 28th of November. He died near Saarbrueken, Germany. He was 27 years…

Alexander Chernack
S/Sgt United States Army Air Corps
744th Bomb Squadron 456th Bomb Group
15th Air Force
Born; Jan 7, 1924
Died: Apr 25, 1944

Alex was a tail gunner aboard a B-24 Liberator with the 15th Air Force. He joined in February of…

Edward J. Chodnicky
Sgt United States Army
310th Infantry 78th Division
Born; 1920
Died: April 14,1945

Military reports for the 78th Division dated April 14th, indicated their units had reached positions west of Bursched on the left and…

Edmund J. Crotty
Private United States Army
F Company
141st Infantry
36th Division

Born: (unknown)
Died: Jan 16, 1944

Edmund was killed in action at the Rapido River, Italy where he is buried. His brother Leo was told that a German “88”…

Gordon T. Doel
PFC United States Army
A Company
18th Infantry
1st Division

Born: 1924
Died: Jan 24, 1945

Gordon lived at 251 Main Street and was inducted into the service at Fort Devens in May 1944, Platoon Sgt Jim Gillespie (Gainesville,…