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The Maynard Bottling Co. was located on Florida Rd. It was sold to Paul Hilander who renamed the company to Maydale Bottling Co.

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Promotional bottle opener for the beverage company.

A promotional opener for the furniture store. Haynes was purchased in the 1920's by Ben and Julius Gruber who continued in retail furniture well into the 2000's.

While cataloged as a monograph, this is attributed to be a 1923 article from the Weekly Enterprise which profiled the Maydale Spring Company.

A one quart milk bottle.

The cap fit the half pint bottle.

The original dairy was started by Hans Eriksen around 1909 later sold to Hans H. A. Erikson. At some point the last name was spelled with an o rather than an e.
The three bottles shown has the original spelling.

Two milk bottles, one labeled homogenized milk, use by Erikson's Dairy.

Two versions of half pint bottles use at the dairy. The tall bottle is label Hans Erickson.

The half-pint cream container was used by Ericson's Dairy in Maynard.

Wooden crates used to transport the beverage bottles to and from the plant on Glendale Street.

The Maydale Bottling Company was established in 1899. At one time delivered throughout New England. The company was originally located at Florida Rd…

These old medicine bottles were found at the site of the Turnpike School, now Glenwood Cemetery.

Five (5) pieces of Maydale stationary and one Maydale Beverage envelope. The envelope notes Maydale's address is 25 Glendale Street, Maynard, MA.

The Maynard Bottling Works was located on Florida Road and was started by W. Keto. He later sold the business to Paul Hilander and the name was eventually changed to Maydale Bottling Company and moved to larger quarters on Glendale Street. Maydale…