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A large zoning map of the town of Maynard, dated September 1969. A smaller zoning map prepared in 1967.

A zoning map of the town of Maynard, Mass, dated October 5, 1950.


A small zoning map of Maynard, Mass, dated 1969.

Maynard Zoning Committee at time of map:
James Baudreau, Gerald F. Tierney, Harold R. Wilcox, Harold A. Ledgard, Walter E. Carbone

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Mostly a phone directory of the residents and businesses of Maynard, also some information on the churches and town government.


Unknown students painting a small building. Maynard?

A Directory listing Church Committees/Officiary, Church Organizations, History of the Church in Maynard, and a listing of Pastors & Deacons from 1852-1933.

These are a sample of the yardsticks in the MHS collection. They were used both as advertising tools and in some cases measuring intruments to determine amount of oil/kerosene in a 55 gallon drum. Note telephone numbers: 540, TW 7-2951, 897-2951

Four copies of a photo of the YPSL Basketball Team, dated 1926-1927.
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Front: William "Bilko" Kangas, Waino "Pik" Ojalehto, Waino Saarinen, Tony Colombo, Aimo Kangas

Back: Lauri Hippakka, William (Gus) Saarela, Toivo Mikkola, Georgeā€¦

Maynard Champs

Front: Waino Ojalehto, Waino Saarinen, Tony Colombo, Aimo Kangas
Back: Oiva Alasaari, Charles Manty, Joseph Boulden, Charles Hekkals, George Ojalehto

State Champions

Front: Waino Maki, Jack Manning, Anthony Columbo
Back: Wm. Wehkoja, Aimo Kangas, Armas Frigard, Waino Saarinen, Waino Ojalehto, Charles Hekkala

MHS 2013.371 Textile 7.jpg
A green World War II Army jacket with the name of Schnair imprinted on the collar. Mr. Peter Schnair was a resident of Maynard, MA.

A WW II Army jacket belonging to Sgt. Antonio S. Terrasi of Maynard.

WPA, Works Progress Administration, renamed Works Project Administration in 1939, was the largest New Deal program to help the country to recover from the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Worsley Fardy was a shop teacher in the Maynard Public Schools.