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Digital Equipment Corporation

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Digital Equipment Corporation


Items from Digital Equipment Corporation, which was headquartered in Maynard from 1957-1999.


Dave Griffin, David Wisniewski, Lenny Palmer, Chris Lister

Includes a number of artifacts on permanent loan from the Ken Olsen Collection from Gordon College.

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Milestones in Digital's History
A summary of milestones of Digital Equipment Corporation's evolution from 1957 to 1990

Maynard Plant Tour Pamphlet<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Pamphlet distributed on a tour of the digital plant in the mill at Maynard.
Peter Koch, plant manager.

&quot;Curfew Bell&quot; Presentation - 1983
Mounted photos and narrative presented to Ken Olsen in 1983 commemorating the bell donation from the American Woolen Company to the Mission Evangelical Congregational Church in 1935.

Note: Bell was removed from the Church in 2021 and now is on…

Daniel C. Osborn Commemorative Plaque
A plaque commemorating Daniel Osborne, first printer in Maynard. Plaque hung in a Digital Equipment Corporation building.

You... and digital - Employee Handbook (ca 1970)


This booklet will introduce Digital to you. It provides basic information on
the Company, its products, the scope of its operations, work rules, company policies, and benefits. You will find your supervisor and the Personnel…

Digital Clock
A white clock made at the Digital Stow Carpentry Shop that was hung in the Mill. The carpenter/artist who carved and signed this wood clock was Michael G. Giddens, April 4, 1985. There is a light which lights up the clock tower clock dial.

Mechanical Computing Device
A brass commorative plate reads:
"The first 'Mechanical Voting Device' in the world, originally built in 1823 by Wilhelm Schickard, a German Professor for mathematics, presented to Kenneth Olsen on November 15, 1991. Digital Kienzle,…

Employee Benefit Package - 1978<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Four brochures describing the benefits available for Digital employees including medical, retirement, sick leave, vacation, stock options, tuition etc...

SHARK Prototype Network Computer (DEC)<br />
This is a prototype Digital Equipment Corporation SHARK network computer/thin client.

In 1997, Digital Equipment Corporation produced the DIGITAL Network Appliance Reference Design (DNARD), and published the hardware specifications for free…

 PDP-8 Front Panel Banner<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Promotional sign for the PDP-8 series of computers.

Ken Olsen <br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Founder of digital (1957)and long time President (until 1992).

Formula 1 Racing Posters<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital had their name on the Formula 1 Ferrari 640 for Grand Prix racing.

Digital VAX-11/780 Hexadecimal Calendar
A whimsical 1978 calendar from Digital's Sales Training group. The days of each month are shown in hexadecimal (base 16). The calendar references the VAX-11/780 computer, the initial model of the VAX series which was introduced in 1977.


Digital Equipment Corporation - First Board of Directors
A photo of the first Board of Directors of Digital Equipment Corporation.

(L-R): Henry Hoagland, Jack Barnard, Jay Forrester, William Congleton, Harlan Anderson, Ken Olsen, Dorothy Rowe, Vernon Alden, Arnaud de Vitry, and Wayne Brobeck


Ken Olsen - 1958<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
A photograph of Kenneth Olsen, co-founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957-1992.

Software Products Binder<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
One of many three ring binders used throughout the corporation.

VT240 Terminal<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
The system box that operates with a monitor and keyboard.

Rainbow 100 Computer<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
Rainbow series of desktop minicomputers.

Multia  - Alpha Generation<br />
Digital Equipment Corporation
This Multia is a desktop computer that ran an Alpha AXP processor as the CPU.