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A hand drill is a manual tool that converts and amplifies circular motion. Though it has been replaced in most applications by power drills, the hand drill is used by many woodworkers.

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This axe was presumably made in Stow. It bears the name of O. Sawyer and J. Rogers (etched in smaller letters below Sawyer) on the blade. It was found in the old barn at William Salo's. The Salo barn stood for many years on Great Rd. at the…

This wooden tool was used to measure board feet in a pile of lumber.

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An old, green-painted bucksaw approximately 125 years old, used to cut cord wood.

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An ice pick from the W. O. Strout & Co.

This tool was used to measure board feet in a pile of lumber.

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An old steel hand drill.

A woodsman's axe and log roller.

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This is a type of mallet used on a farm for heavy duty work.

Two wood marking gauges. A marking gauge is used in woodworking and metalworking to mark out lines for cutting or other operations. The purpose of the gauge is to scribe a line parallel to a reference edge or surface.

The third tool is…

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A wooden and metal plane used to shape wood by carpenters.

An old iron scale used for measuring. This is an antique decorative butcher's steelyard. An English, cast iron weighing instrument, dating to the late 18th century, circa 1800., and includes the original 'Pear' weight.

A small, vintage screwdriver.

A drawknife is a traditional woodworking hand tool used to shape wood by removing shavings. It consists of a blade with a handle at each end.

They are ancient tools used by Viking Shipwrights in 100 A.D.

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A plumb line in a chalk filled container.

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A vintage steel hook designed to hold meat and/or to help in baling hay.

A ratchet brace drill is a hand-tool used to drill holes or nails into wood.

While a brace was an efficient tool when the crank could be swept in a full circle, it became much less useful if something obstructed a full sweep. The invention of a…

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This is noted as the 'Famous Wrench for the Famous Panels from Digital'.


A trimmer used to cut cigars from 3 to 6 inches. The trimmer was used by George E. White, who owned and operated a cigar manufacturing shop in the basement of the Masonic Block, Main St., from 1916 to 1922. His brands included "Middlesex" -10…

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One of four wrenches.