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A small, vintage screwdriver.

A drawknife is a traditional woodworking hand tool used to shape wood by removing shavings. It consists of a blade with a handle at each end.

They are ancient tools used by Viking Shipwrights in 100 A.D.

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A plumb line in a chalk filled container.

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A vintage steel hook designed to hold meat and/or to help in baling hay.

A ratchet brace drill is a hand-tool used to drill holes or nails into wood.

While a brace was an efficient tool when the crank could be swept in a full circle, it became much less useful if something obstructed a full sweep. The invention of a…

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This is noted as the 'Famous Wrench for the Famous Panels from Digital'.


A trimmer used to cut cigars from 3 to 6 inches. The trimmer was used by George E. White, who owned and operated a cigar manufacturing shop in the basement of the Masonic Block, Main St., from 1916 to 1922. His brands included "Middlesex" -10…

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One of four wrenches.