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This is a type of mallet used on a farm for heavy duty work.

Half of a wooden block and tackle tool used for hoisting in barn settings and assorted construction situations.

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An old farmhouse weighing scale made by Charles Forschner & Sons who began making scales in New Britain, Ct., in 1855, and later moved to New York City. Charles Forschner's son, Richard Forschner, renamed the firm R. H. Forschner, and began…

Used mostly around the barns. Could be hung from a nail or hook during milking or other chores.

Twelve Maplecrest Farm glass milk bottles: 5- 1 qt. glass milk bottles; 3- 1/2 pint glass milk bottles. 2- 1/2 pt. Green Spot Bottles; 2- 1/2 pt.cream bottles.

Maplecrest was a dairy farm owned by Raymond Dreschler. The property passed to Ovila…

This red stained shingle is from the Lewis Brigham House and the farm's barn on Great Road, Maynard. It was disassembled and moved/reassembled in Vermont. The property that the barn occupied is now Sarah Lane off Great Road.

Sign sent to a member of the Middlesex County Farm Bureau affiliated with the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation. The member is listed as Charles Bjorkleand, likely meant to be Bjorklund.

The 1940 Maynard High School football schedule is printed on the pencil.

A summary of a farm harvest tradition.

John Taylor raised minks on a ranch on Concord Street. The photograph identifies the minks as "Silver-Blu" (male) and "Noble White" (female).

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Photograph of champion skater Sonja Heini (center) and John Taylor (right) with mink skins from Taylor Ranch. John Taylor had a mink farm where he bred thousands of the animals. He also had a place in Boston where the skins were made into coats,…

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John Taylor raised minks at a farm on Concord Street. The photograph is signed: "Compliments of the Noble-Taylor Ranches"

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"The Joel Parmenter place on the Acton Road
is said to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest,
farm; the older portion of the house being built
by one Marble previous to 1683; the date on the
barn shows it was built in 1722." From Gutteridge,…

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A collection of 55 photographs (and some duplicates) detailing the careful dissemblance of the barn which was reassembled in Vermont. The property that the barn occupied is now Sarah Lane off Great Road.

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The Mahoney Farm occupied a large area off of Waltham Street. It was sold to the American Woolen Company in the early 1900's where dwellings for the mill workers were built, the New Village.

The inscription on the back reads: "33 Waltham Street,…

The large barn shown in the photos was from the Thompson or Eveleth property (Elmhurst Farm) located on Great Road and moved across the fields to this location in the 1920's. The barn was taken down in the 1970's.

From the 1960s to 2010's the…

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This sign was on the front end of the old horse barn which was formerly on the Thompson or Eveleth land on Great Road, referred to as "Elmhurst Farm". The barn was moved to the Salo Farm on Parker Street in the rear of a home at 129 Parker Street…

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