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This red stained shingle is from the Lewis Brigham House and the farm's barn on Great Road, Maynard. It was disassembled and moved/reassembled in Vermont. The property that the barn occupied is now Sarah Lane off Great Road.

A collection of 11 wooden barn pegs from timbers in Elmhurst Farm barn. This type of peg was used as nails in the construction of buildings and barns more than 100 years ago. This barn was originally believed to be built in the eighteenth century at…

Four pegs and a tool were removed from a Maynard asparagus farm barn.

The house was an original Powder Mill residence. The barn was later moved from Great Road to Elmhurst Farm. Neither structure is in existence now.


Built by George Flood, former post master and town office holder, as a livery stable shortly after the civil war. In the 1920's it was remodeled as a hall by Charles C. Murray and used as a dance hall, roller skating rink and basketball court. …

Miscellaneous information pertaining to the property.

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Photos: Top left taken in1970, top far right taken 1977

Bottom left is Mrs. Abbie M. Saunders, owner of the Asparagus Farm in Maynard and Sudbury from c.1927 until 1948. The farm contained 140 acres.
Bottom center is interior views taken in…

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A collection of 55 photographs (and some duplicates) detailing the careful dissemblance of the barn which was reassembled in Vermont. The property that the barn occupied is now Sarah Lane off Great Road.

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Built in 1784. The barn to the right and color copy was demolished in September 2022.

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