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Nine half gallon milk bottles from Maplecrest Dairy Farm.

A glass bottle with the words. "M.D. Rich, Registered Maynard, Mass., 1 pint liquid".

13 Maydale Spring Beverages bottles, both clear and green-tinted, 1 pint 12 fl.oz.

Two clear bottles with silver spigots from the Maydale Beverage Co. The words inscribed on the bottle read: "Maydale Beverage Co., Made from Pure Spring Water, contents 26 fl. oz., Maynard, Mass.".

A green, glass bottle from First National Store at 25 Nason St., Maynard. The words on the bottle read: "First National Stores, Registered Somerville Mass."

A glass bottle with Frank S. Fearns, Pharmacist, Main Street, Maynard, Mass., label adhered on the front. For many years he ran a drug store in Fowler's Block, on Main St. He sold the business to Alfed A. Minahan, who in turn sold it to Irving…

A clear, glass bottle with a portion of the top missing. This bottle has the following words inscribed: " One Quart Liquid Paananen Dairy".

Two Maynard Spring Water Bottling Co. bottles. 8 oz. liquid.

A clear, glass bottle with the following inscription: "Registered - Coughlin Bros, Maynard, Mass".

Maynard Bottling Works was started by Waino Keto in 1899.

K. Paul Hilander (KPH) bought the business in 1914 and moved it from Florida Rd. to Glendale St. Later changing the name to Maydale Bottling Co. This bottle was found between the…

Two brown, glass bottles from the Johnson Pharmacy, Maynard, Mass.

Frank Fearns, Pharmacist, for many years ran a drug store in Fowler's Block, on Main St. He sold the business to Alfed A. Minahan, who in turn sold it to Irving Manning.

The blue medicine bottle came from the home of the late James J. Morgan of…

A bottle of turpentine with J. A. MacPherson label. J. A. MacPherson had a hardware store on Main Streeet, Maynard, Mass. They sold hardware, paints, and oils.

Two clear bottles from B F Johnson and Son, Pharmacists, Maynard, MA.

Johnson's was the successor to Woodhave, the first druggist in town. Originally the drug store was at corner of Main and River St, moved to the Masonic Building, then to…

A clear-colored bottle with the inscription of B. F. Johnson & Son Maynard, Mass embossed on the front panel.

A brown glass bottle found in Maynard.


One small, brown-glass medicine bottle with the Johnson Pharmacy logo embossed on it.

A blue, glass medicine bottle from B. F. Johnson & Son Pharmacy. It was found in the Assabet River on Aug. 30, 1967.

A blue glass bottle for medicine with the inscription of B. F. Johnson & Son, Maynard, on the bottom.

A brown glass bottle.

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